Friday, May 18, 2012

The Enterprise

So a few weeks back my father sent me some fantastic pics..... Road trip!!!! My father and my brother headed down to the Hudson River- between NY & NJ to witness something most wont ever see in person.  The space shuttle ontop of a 747.  What?!!!!
There is the space shuttle Enterprise hitching a ride or piggy back on a 747.  This is a special made 747 to strictly carry these shuttles around--not for ordinary passengers and our luggage.  Since they obviously need to be securely fastened on top (I can imagine the size of these bolts!!!), flying at hundreds of miles per hour...... you know they need a special one :)  There are 4 of these shuttles going around the country to be put on display.

Discovery- Smithsonian in the DC area
Endeavour- California Science Center Southern California
Atlantis- Cape Canaveral FL (will remain there)
Enterprise- Intrepid Museum NY.
 Here it comes flying over the Statue of Liberty, Jersey City NJ
Over the Hudson river

towards the GW Bridge (George Washington Bridge)
Can you just imagine seeing this?  Simply incredible.  I was so excited to see these pics from him.  The Enterprise landed at JFK airport where it will remain until it is lifted onto a barge via crane to get ready for the 2 day trip up the river to the Intrepid.  This will be another incredible picture opportunity and I am sure, that I will have pics to share of this great event also.
The Intrepid Air and Space museum is literally in the river-- when you go, you literally go on board an aircraft carrier that has been retired and you can wander around viewing some of the most incredible planes and submarines up close and personal.  It is worth the trip the next time you are in NY.  I am looking forward to seeing the Enterprise on board the Intrepid this fall.  The exhibit opens mid July this summer.  For more info
I leave you this great Friday with a pic of lower Manhattan, with our ever growing new Freedom Tower :)  Its simply amazing!


  1. Great pics.

    When i lived back home in East London the old shuttle flew over where we lived twice.It was huge and was an incredible sight.This was late 80's/90s and on both occasions we had no camera. :(

  2. Those are some fantastic pictures. How lucky for your father and brother to have seen that.

    I'm hoping to see Freedom Tower in the fall. I went to Ground Zero about four years ago and it was still a big hole. Hope to see it when I go again this fall.

  3. The pics of the shuttle are really magnificent! I saw footage on news reports, but it must have been over-the-top something to see in person! Thanks for sharing the picture of the Manhatten skyline with the new Freedom Tower. Can never replace the Twin Towers, but it is wonderful to see a new skyline emerging. Definitely want to visit the site one day.

  4. What fantastic photos and it must have been an incredible sight to see.

    Thanks for sharing the photos with us :-)

  5. That is pretty cool, I must say!

  6. Wow, that's really cool. Thanks for the pics, and the info. I'd love to go see it, but finances dictate I won't. :( Maybe next time!!

  7. Small world! I got to see the Discovery in its new home, and due to bad weather got to see the Enterprise before it left DC. I put a picture of the Discovery up on my blog.


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