Thursday, May 3, 2012


You ever watch that show?  We dont have a tv, dont pay for cable, dish or dvr etc., etc.. But I have watched this show on many many occasions with my mom.  We like to watch these types of shows, -- Pickers, Storage Wars, and Ghost Hunters would be my favorites along with the classic detective shows, CSI, Law & Order (any of them), NCIS and NCIS- LA, Forensic files, 48hrs, etc., etc.  I could watch these shows for 24 hours straight, and when they have the marathons I am in heaven :)

My stitching progress goes through the roof when I watch these shows.  However, this is not the case these days.......
We have been watching Seinfeld Episodes on the computer and that helps, but it isnt the same as the detective shows.  They are really funny, and even though you have seen it years ago, that Kramer is still my favorite.  George is a bit whiny for me and I want to kick him in the a** most of the time.  LOL.
I am happy to make as much progress on DB as I have (even if it isnt that much), I have been working on Amy Mittens piece the last few days.  The biggest reason is that I am able to pack up Amy and take her 'out' meaning I can stitch on her outside my home.  At friends homes, with groups of stitchers.....she is easy.
This is why I cant take DB on the move with me.  She is sprawled out like nobodies business and that is how she is going to stay until she is finished.  Sorry honey, the couch is mine for the next ?????  LOL.

Happy Stitching :)


  1. Beautiful so far, I do love your choice of silk colours:)

  2. Great progress! I watch the ID channel, why I need true crime with my stitching when I don't have something else to watch is a mystery :)

  3. DB looks great! It's true about Amy Mitten being portable. But then, I think just about anything is more portable than DB. lol!

  4. Pretty stitches! Too funny about the couch!

  5. Dutch Beauty and I are intimate friends and I must say, you are moving much faster on her than I did! It's a beautiful piece and you are a stitching whirlwind! Nice work.

  6. Kramer is my favorite too. I still watch Frazier, Raymond, Mash, any of the classic comedies and also love the detective and law series. I think you're making excellent progress!

  7. I love Law & Order and a great weekend is when there is a marathon on both Saturday and Sunday. I know I will get a lot of stitching done!!!

    Your piece is pretty and looks pretty serious with all those silks!

    Happy stitching...

  8. The colors you are using in Dutch Beauty are so pretty! And funny how she has overtaken your couch. :)


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