Friday, December 4, 2009

Progress on Home Coming Sampler

It is beyond me that Thanksgiving was over a week ago already! My oh my! Christmas preparation and decoration is now in FULL swing! Trees are being purchased, lights hung on the houses. Holiday programs on TV! I love hearing Christmas music, now for sure, 2 weeks ago, not so much. I am now down to needing only 2 gifts yet. Not to shabby.

It has been a hectic last few weeks, and I have decided to take the weekend off, and perhaps not WORRY about things! Well, the weekend came as early as yesterday- why not start early?! Heck, the weekend could be all week right? No, not really, but I am positive I will have more then a few takers. I watched Notting Hill last night. I set myself up to stitch, and actually for the first time in a week, enjoyed it. I didn't make much progress because I was laughing so hard. But some is much better then none. I haven't seen this movie in years and years, but I am telling you, that laughing out loud is a great feeling! That character Spike-- William's (Hugh Grant) flat-mate had me going for sure. I had tears in my eyes!!! Nothing like a good comedy, a little far fetched, and I had a few thoughts on what I would change, but over-all, was very entertaining.

I cant remember if I have talked about the Home Coming Sampler in any previous posts, but as you can see, it is a fairly easy stitch, although it is (was) my least favorite to stitch. I cant explain why, I just love the design. I love the colors. I know other things have been calling me, but I need to put this to bed already. I have had this started for ever ago already-- I chose R & R Liberty Gathering Grey with the called for DMC. Let me tell you that I had no idea how many colors there are in this piece maybe 3 or 4? Nope 14. 14!! I was floored. So, I am using the DMC for sure (there is nothing wrong with DMC), however, the colors are all very similar, and didn't want to spend the time to switch them out. Not for this piece :).

Thanks to all who sat and read my last post, it was really long huh? Gosh, I had no idea. Thanks for all who commented, or thought kind words in their heads. I hope all of you have a great weekend, and get lots accomplished!


  1. Your piece looks great so far. Isn't it funny how many colors can end up in a piece? And I'm right there with you, there is doing wrong with DMC. Gets the job done and it's a good price!

  2. Your piece is lovely - I look forward to watching your progress on this.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    DMC - always a great standby

  3. Great progress on a lovely sampler! It's really pretty.

    DMC... I have to remind myself that it is perfectly okay to use DMC. I DO like it, and I DO have a lot of it, but sometimes just need to get over myself and use it. ;)

  4. I do like your Homecoming Sampler and the colors are pretty. I can't wait to see your finish of it. I think the little woman holding the birdcage at the end of the design reminds of the the woman in A Whistling Girl I finished not too long ago.

    I agree - how did Thanksgiving come and go so quickly!

  5. Your Homecoming Sampler is beautiful. I think it probably is this time of year, so much going on that it's hard to settle in with your stitching.


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