Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sorry, It has been too long

I am here!! I am positive that there are more then a few of you wondering where I have been. I think I am wondering the same thing. The last week or so has been pretty busy, alot going on, alot of busy work. I have talked to a few of you in the last few days, and all is well. The only thing I think I might need checked is the lack of momentum that I have for stitching. I have NO DESIRE. HOW CAN THAT BE????!!!! I have not picked up stitching in forever it seems. I have to almost convince myself that I have to put in some stitches sometime. What is wrong? I guess the slump hits everyone, but I didn't think I would be included. I have visited with alot of family and they all asked, what am I working on? Well, I have dug out the 'Homecoming'Sampler from Eileen Bennet. I pick it up, look at it, and think, well, maybe later. My friend emailed me, and asked where I have been, and what is wrong?! I should have another sampler half done by now!!!!!! LOL, she is terrific for asking, and I know she cares, which means the world to me...(so my friend, as you read this, know you are loved too!) I know that alot of you gals and guys go into slumps too--perhaps it is because there is so much Holiday preparation...So much eating, so much decorating, so many people on the list! But......

Anyone watch the Thanksgiving Parade from NYC? I saw some of it, looks like they had a great day. I always think about how cold those cute little dancers are in front of Macys Herald Square, gosh, they need a coat, they are gonna get sick! Better them than me!! Thanksgiving was great this year, although I cant think of one that hasn't been good. How many of you had more then your weeks worth of food to eat on Thursday? I know I did, and I am still full. It is Saturday night. Wow, Pumpkin pie is my favorite, especially with whip cream, or cool whip. Either one, I love it. I was excited, I got a text from my good friend on Thanksgiving, wishing me a good one. How nice to take the time all the way across the country!

Not to make anyone sick, but my Christmas shopping is almost done, it has been for some time now. I have just 3 people to finish...I am very proud. This is the first time. My husband and I went to the Crack of Dawn Black Friday sale at Box-mart yesterday, and actually got EVERYTHING that was on the wish list. I know, getting up and out, and in line by 3AM doesn't excite MOST of you, but, I was looking to save a BUCK. Well, several bucks! Amazing how many people are up at that hour. I enjoy shopping late at night, less kids and noise. You have a list and you can complete it quickly. This early morning shopping experience was not anything like that. It was CRAZY!!!!!!! But the good thing was, at 5:15AM we were back in the bed. Chrismas came early :)

I am excited to hear Christmas music, I love Christmas music, not only traditional hymns, but classic Frank, classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. How many of you like the claymation (is that how you spell it?) Those cartoons- Abominable Snowman and the Island for misfit toys? How about some classic Christmas movies?! I cant tell you how much I LOVE National Lampoons Christmas Vacation--- I can watch that movie, in the dead of summer and it is STILL SO FUNNY!!!!! I love it even more around the Holidays. I remember when my Grandparents were over for Christmas one year, (one of the best Christmas' ever!) We watched it, and just seeing them chuckle over the crazy comments Clark would make, brings joy to me. I will treasure those memories forever. I have to think about some others that I like to watch, I know there are tons, I am just having a moment :). Must be the wine :)

Decorating is always fun, it is amazing how many Christmas decorations go up around Thanksgiving. I mean at home. The mall, forget it, they barely have Halloween down and the Christmas crap is up already LOL!! I know, it isn't crap, but it seems like, can we celebrate Thanksgiving first?! I am looking forward to Christmas this year, well, every year, but this year will be special with family. Lots of family parties, treats, and memories. I just read that Deb went to NYC (funny seeing the Naked Cowboy in his Banana Hammock walking around Times Square! Thanks for sharing!), I am looking forward to seeing the Christmas Tree this year at Rockefeller, and also the Famous windows on 5th Avenue at Saks and Lord & Taylor. Smelling the roasted Chestnuts from the street vendors, and the hustle and bustle of excitement. I just love the City at Christmas. I will post pics when I go, to share with all of you. If you haven't been, someday hopefully you can go. I would like to ice-skate at Rockefeller Center, but the line is always SOO long!! It is always so cold, but bundled up, you almost forget the cold. I wonder if we will see the Rockettes at Radio City?

Enough from me tonight, I think I am going to watch Christmas Vacation! And maybe stitch something...... I hope all of you had a Blessed Thanksgiving, and enjoyed all of your families. I look forward to a great Holiday Season!


  1. I've also been in a stitching slump this month. There's just so much other stuff to do, it seems hard to settle myself down enough to stitch. Hope you'll feel like stitching again soon! :)

  2. Sounds like you are getting the spirit of Christmas for sure.....having your shopping done will hopefully give you the time to relax and get some stitching enjoyment in. Happy to hear your Thanksgiving was wonderful, mine was those pies!!! (And the whipped cream/cool whip, too)!!!

  3. I think that we all go through some kind of stitching slump. Did through stash and you'll probably find something. Although at this time of year with everything going on sometimes it's hard to find the time too.

    Since I've gotten back from NY (love that Naked Cowboy), I've been in a stitching slump too! BUT YGG on going to New York. My dream is to go during Christmas some time. The tree at Rockefeller Center is still being worked on when I'm there, but if you want to miss the long lines for ice skating, last week the perfect time! And there were already the chestnuts roasting on the vendor carts last week too!!! One night I went to bed at the hotel and the boxes were out for decorating. When I got up the next morning everything was decorated and caroles were playing. The window displays are always fantastic and it's a great time of the year for you to go!!! I'm envious but you better post lots of pictures!!

  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the pictures of such beauties you stitched.
    I'm going to visit more often.

  5. You'll feel like stitching again when things calm down a bit. Have fun in NYC - I love it there and would love to see all the Christmas windows and decorations but without the cold!

    congrats on having almost all of your shopping done! Way to go!

  6. Oh, don't give yourself too hard a time! You're such a prolific stitcher, I'm sure your stitchy mojo will come back very very soon. :)

    Good for you re: your Christmas shopping!! I'm also almost there... I only have to get a couple more things for my mom, finish out my daughter, and my hubby, then I'm done. It's a wonderful feeling!!

    I also love this time of year... it's the best, isn't it?? Hope to hear from you again soon!

  7. Sometimes it's okay to let yourself do other things than stitch... you'll get back to it soon! I go through that every so often, am kind of there now. I get upset afterwards because I realize how much time I wasted but it's okay, it's our hobby, we can do what we want!

    Enjoy your time in NYC! Oh, how I miss being in the US at this time of year! Safe travels.

  8. Black, grey and a primitives...fantastic!


  9. I love NYC at Christmas time! We went a couple of years ago, saw the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, walked down 5th Ave and saw all the Christmas windows, etc. It was awesome. I agree with you too, I wish that we woudn't rush past Thanksgiving, but enjoy it, before moving headlong into Christmas. Good for you having all your shopping done!!


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