Sunday, December 20, 2009

Treats and Snow

Despite all the snow we were getting and what we got, my Christmas party still went off without a hitch! Some of the goodies we had were these great treats. Look at all those eyes! These cupcakes are some of our families favorites. The local bakery has been making them for years and years, and they are such a fun treat. We like the big bird style because of all the icing. They make them in other Sesame Street characters- such as Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, etc. etc. They are always a hit.

My Husband wanted sugar cookies, and I said, well, if you want them, knock yourself out. Make them. I am usually not much of a baker, and didn't want to deal with the mess, so he went ahead and made them. He did an excellent job, they turned out fabulous!

My sister made this bunt style cake with all the drizzle and almonds. She is an excellent cook, as well as a baker so this treat was a must have! She does everything to perfection, and I wouldn't have expected anything else with this. Everyone thought it was purchased from the local bakery. Nope, she is truly amazing!!

Being as cold as it was, and all the snow that was falling, a Christmas party wouldn't have been the same without a fire. I just love having one, so warm and cozy. Of course, this one was just the beginning, it was roaring in no time.

Looking out in the backyard, there is a beautiful blanket of white. So calm and peaceful. So perfect and un-touched. It will be fun to watch for the deer tracks, we have a family of 5 that come through almost daily. I will try and get some pics of them. The sun is shining now, and things will start to melt. It is always a nice treat to see the snow, even though I HATE the cold weather. For the past few days it has been a high of 25 and a low in the high teens. The wind doesn't help much either!

It is a great day to stay indoors and stitch by the fire. All cozied up and enjoying some of the great left-over snacks! Only a few more days until Christmas, and not much left to do. Perhaps a few more parties and get togethers. We shall see!


  1. Glad your party went well! Glad you have the snow and I don't. I have enough here! Enjoy your stitching by the fire and any parties you might attend!

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful get together - and what yummy food! Those cupcakes are just too cute!

    Snow seems to be the prevailing topic these days! We had the worst snow this weekend that we've seen in 14 years - it was beautiful.

    Merry Christmas


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