Sunday, December 27, 2009

Last week I mentioned to you that we had deer that come through the yard almost daily. Of course, I am hardly ever up to see them. This morning after hours and hours of rain, these beautiful animals came through at coffee time! There were 7 of them, and how fun to see. Last weeks snow is almost all gone now. We are glad we got rain yesterday then 2 feet of snow! It is warmer today, and the sun is shining. It is another great day for stitching!!


  1. What a beautiful sight to see. We used to see some wandering around but now the only ones we see are on the side of the road. Makes me sad.

  2. They are a beautiful sight, aren't they. We have them come through our yard too. Not daily, mainly in the fall to eat the apples off some of the trees in the corner of our yard, but I love watching them.

  3. Beautiful photos, adore the nature and the animals... from 11 years I am vegetarian, has been difficult for the first times, but I am happy now!

    Happy 2010

  4. Lucky 7, I bet that was a sight to see while drinking your coffee this morning. Great entertainment, too. Thanks for sharing.


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