Monday, January 2, 2012

Already the 2nd

Another great New Years Rockin' Eve under our belts and now it is time to get serious :)  I mentioned in the last post, that I didnt really have much thought into this Januarys challenge and yesterday, I got it all figured out.  I went into the basement and got out a couple of WIP plastic totes that I have been keeping them in, and brought them into the light.  As soon as the lids came off--- you could here the angels  "Aaahhhhhhhh"
And each one of these bags started moving around and wiggling.  It was quite a sight.  I should have taken a video!!!  So, pulling them out, and going into my WIP stash diving stance, I had a blast revisiting these projects from last years crazy challenge.  I was so excited to see the ones I had started, and the ones that I have decided are going to be my challenge for this year, is to finish some of these fabulous pieces up.  I went through the list of starts and wips from a year ago, and out of the 31, I did complete 12.  Now, it is almost half, and some werent even on the list of finishes that I did complete-- ie. Double Dee :)  I must admit, I have chosen some great samplers to stitch, why wouldnt I want to continue stitching them??????  I would love to see them framed and hanging someday.
Rosina has all of her motifs complete, I finished those up on new years eve, and I have to do the verse yet.  I am still betting she will be close to first, although, there might be a small contest between these girls!

My January 1st start began without a hitch.  See the progress I have made so far?!  I have never done a darning sampler, so this one will be interesting.  I will have to keep you posted on this one for sure :)
I did however, choose something to stitch on last night, that I have been anxious to work on.  (Again, digging out of the WIPS)  Isabella Johnson has made a wonderful appearance, and I think Rosina and her are going to be neck and neck for completion!!!

In the above pic, is where I started her last night after supper at about 8:30 and the bottom is where I stopped (12:15am) stitching her, and after several episodes of Pawn Stars.  I love that show!!!!!!!!  Focus, focus!!!  I think I will work on her again tonight.  Progress on her is going great, and she is stitched on 45 count, so for the closest thing I had for perspective, is a mint chocolate Hershey kiss-- pictured in the top right hand corner.  I will have to get the exact measurement out.  I love the frame, and will have to look into getting one close to it.  I know just the place too :)
I have put together a big bag of crazy with some of my great one of a kind project bags/WIPS to keep me inspired.  I have to get a few more of these-- looking at my first picture in this post, those bags are boring!!!!!!!!!  Need to spice it up a bit-- just like getting a new sweater.  Bringing it home and putting it into the closet-- there is a small rustle through the air-- what do we have here?!!!  Spice!!!!! 
Onto a great new day here in January.  Looks like this is going to be a fun week!!!!  Looking forward to seeing new starts and inspiration from all of you, it is going to be very very exciting!!!!!


  1. Oh fun!!! Now this is going to be great, seeing those pieces from last January come out again! Love those project bags too -- you're so right -- they put a little tingle in the air. lol! Rosina looks so great! The verse always kills you, right? :D And Isabella -- so pretty! And hey, getting 12 of those projects done is quite the accomplishment to me! Wow! You should show them all off in one post. Just a thought. :D

  2. Getting out a long-neglected WIP (I've been doing the same thing) is like visiting an old friend! Love what you've started--I have never tackled a darning sampler.

  3. WOW! You have been busy! High-five to a job well done on both your organizing and finishes :)
    I can't wait to see this year's progress.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Oh you got so much done!! Good luck with the darning sampler, too - that's a form I hope to get a lot better with this year. :D

  5. LOL, you are too funny, I am visualizing a Harry Potter moment when you opened those projects. I am looking forward to seeing the January projects again :-). I loved last year. Isabella and Rosina are both beautiful.

  6. It is so much fun to dig around in stash and plan projects! To me it is as enjoyable as the actual stitching.

    Rosina is beautiful! Such pretty colors. Also like your Isabella Johnstone start. This is one of my WIPs and it's a fun stitch.

  7. ooooo looks like a lot of fun in those bags :) lovely progress you have made on the sampler ... can't wait to see what else you get up too :) love mouse xxxx

  8. Honestly, you have me rolling in the floor hooting~~ I LOVE the way you hauled those babies up from the basement to finally give them some life....Lifting that lid must have been a total Kodak moment!!! And, my goodness: you have such a headway on a few....go for it!~ Finish them babies off and roll out a few more...

    Love to watch your progress and glad to hear you had a "Rockin' New Years Eve"........ Here's to many blessings in 2012~~

    Peace my friend, Faye

  9. Golly Shannon, you have some lovely starts there. And I think you did great last year, stitching and finishing what you did. Here's too not only a 'Rockin' New Year's Eve' but a 'Rockin' Good Year of Stitchin' for all of us in blogland!!

    Many, many blessings to you, Shannon!!

  10. Rosina Payne is simply stunning. Love her. Same to Isabella. Your project bags are a fantastic idea.
    Wishing you a great 2012

  11. How exciting to see some of these come back out to play! I love that you're working on Isabella again, I need to get mine back out too...soon! And I love Pawn Stars - hard to stitch when it's on! Happy New Year!!

  12. Shannon,

    Your Rosina looks marvelous!
    You will do just fine with the lettering.
    Picture in your mind that it is all done, and
    soon it will be complete. Really.
    I think it took me two solid days to work my
    verse. But then, I was obsessed.



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