Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Happy Tuesday!!  Everyone enjoy their 3 day weekend??  (I know, some of you already have that :))  What a great opportunity for extra stitching!!  So I wanted to share an experience that I had this weekend, and knowing in our little stitching community-- while large, is still quite small.  Knowing some of the most exquisite items landed in NY 5 months ago, to prepare for their debut this weekend was too much for me to handle.  2 words is all I have to say--- Betty Ring.
I have been waiting for this weekend with most patience since the post somewhere last August, claiming Betty's prized possessions would indeed be sold.  Well, the weekend had finally arrived and my Husband and I had the utmost privilege to see them.  The catalog has been shipped, and you can see them virtually online, but I assure you------- there is NOTHING like seeing them in person.  I slept fine the night before, and knowing the next day would bring such excitement did not keep me up.
 Arriving at Sotheby's at around 11:30 the first day of the exhibit-- knowing that these girls were all inside was truly amazing.  I have never been to Sotheby's before and found that the folks inside were most pleasant.  Each ready to help point you in the direction of what you came to see.   While there are many items on display, each floor had its own exhibit- from art to furniture to Betty Ring.  Of course, with all of the items they have on display, it is indeed set up like a museum, and there are guards everywhere.  After ID's were scanned for security, we were off.
Upon reaching our floor this is the view you see first.  There was a gal sitting at this desk, handing out catalogs for reference while you walked around.  We asked her if we could take pictures of the samplers.  She checked with Nancy Druckman herself, and she said not a problem.  So, I was elated.  Entering this room of 197 samplers, I finally felt the importance of this event and tears filled my eyes.  I couldnt believe I was standing here with all of this precious girls.  This experience happened several times-- upon seeing some of my favorites I have been coveting in the books and catalogs. 

We have all been seeing this sampler on Sotheby's website for over a month now, and to see it in person-- look at the above pic, the detail is just incredible-- and this detail is repeated in every sampler in the room. 
Each sampler had its own description -- who what where and when, and of course the rough estimate of worth.  The blue dots you see on each of them, is the number of the lot that the sampler belongs too.
My absolute favorite samplers in the room are the Mourning Samplers.  I knew that Betty had the most extensive collection of them and I just couldn't believe how many there really were.  The hair on my neck next stood up.  The pic right above, is a closeup of the sampler in the pic above that one......I hope this makes sense :)

Each and every sampler is more incredible than the next one.  The different stitches used, the amount of french knots used, queen stitches, over one, eyelets, you name it, these samplers are full of them.
 The veil covering her face, looks so real-- so 3 dimensional right??  Looking super close it is just perfect painting.

Going to this exhibit, I did not expect many people there-- which is good and sad at the same time.  I did talk to several of the ladies looking around, and to see their excitement with all this beauty was soo very awesome.  Each one of us pointing out another stitch, another detail.  There was a great variety of linen size-- the one pictured above I would guess just looking at it, close to 55 or 60 count.  Alot of them were larger in count, and the sizes varied from small, to HUGE.  Some samplers there from the girls who went to Mary Balch school in Rhode Island-- (I had to have my picture taken with those!!!)   (This was another tear jerking moment!!) You will recognize some of the above pics from being on the covers of her books.

I wish the place was packed, and I know that there will be several of you going to view these fine pieces.  If you have the chance, I highly recommend it.  It is free to view all these gorgeous pieces-- although it will cost you to get into NYC-- and then there is lunch :)  The hardest thing was selecting which pictures to share with you.  There are too many to share all of them.  I know this small sampling will wet your whistle.  I would love to have a collection like this, but knowing they will go to good homes, is all that is important.  It is sad they cant be viewed in one place all the time-- like in a museum.  I know that there is no money for this sort of ongoing exhibit and it is a shame.  This will be the last time these girls are all hanging out together.  (There is always the lottery!!!!)

I hope that all of you have enjoyed this small tour :)  I am so motivated to stitch now!!!!!  LOL.


  1. Thank you for sharing...what an awesome experience.

  2. If I could I would fly over there to see them. How wonderful to actually be able to see them in the "flesh" Thank you for sharing them. WOW

  3. Wow, good for you for going to the exhibition! I live an hour away from NYC, but I doubt I will make it down. Too bad, huh?

  4. Thanks so much for sharing. I am making the trip this Saturday along with fellow enablers from Loudoun Sampler Guild. I am really looking forward to seeing all of them together.

  5. Incredible to see these all together. It's a shame that they won't be kept all together. So glad you were able to see them in person!

  6. Lucky Girl! Thank you so much for this fabulous tour. I am waiting on my catalog :)

  7. Loved your post. Thank you so much for the photos and an idea of what you experienced. They are all so beautiful!

  8. Oh my gosh. I would put up a tent and never leave that place again. What a collection of beauty.
    Thanks for posting so many pictures. At least I can drool over them
    What an awesome experience to be able to see it in person. Sadly I live way too far away

  9. Thank you for sharing!!!! Gorgeous pictures :-). I hope they are treasured by their new owners.

  10. what an amazing collection! thanks so much for sharing your visit. I would love to get there before the auction, I hope to this weekend. Thanks for stopping by my new blog!

  11. Thank you for sharing your trip with us and Betty's beautiful samplers.

  12. OMG, these samplers are breath-taking. I think I could spend days to look at them all and discover all the fantastic details. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  13. Oh my!!! Thanks so much for sharing not only the photos, but your experience. Such amazing pieces!


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