Thursday, January 26, 2012


Most days, I have a hard time being creative in my blog post title.  Why is that?  I try to give a mystery, what could be so fabulous in her new post?  Well, today is for sure not one of those creative days.  I am drawing a blank.  However, no matter the title, I am excited to see folks coming to take a look.  There has to be something new if there is a new post right?  Something exciting and inspiring??!!!  I am not sure on the new part, or finding something so fabulous in the back of the basement.......but, maybe some inspiration.  I have made some nice progress on my love of the week Isabella.
Like most of you that have this super cute sampler already stitched and hanging beautifully in your home; I am crazy about the cow.  You know when you are a kid, that brown cows have chocolate milk.  Well, this one is for strawberry milk :)
I just have to fill in the rest of the cow, his head is done.  I wanted to see what it looked like before I hit the pillow last night.  Upon being satisfied with it, I knew that tomorrow (now today) is a new day.  I started with the right tree, finished the grass across the way, finished the left tree......saving the cow for last.  Not last but not least either----- I still have a few more things to get finished up.  Tonight, I will continue on the bottom 2 pages of the pattern and get her put to bed hopefully by this weekend.  I am not holding my breath however.
Stitching is always interesting, no matter the size.  Seeing pics close up, and getting excited about them I always wonder about what count folks are stitching on.  For the most part, I stitch on 45ct, then 40ct.  Rare but not out of the question, some of the others.  Stitching Isabella on 45ct it is VERY hard to really see her size.  I have added a dime (from my husbands personal collection) next to my cow, so you can really get perspective of how big he really is!  Can you imagine, this dime is from 1914.  The original Isabella Johnson sampler is from 1854.  I think this dime is ancient, almost 100 years old and wow, 1854.  Really gets you thinking right?  What did the dimes look like in 1854?  I will have to check it out.
I was chatting with one of my friends this week about how in this industry, being a married woman, being legally allowed to be in love with so many others.  AND, I am encouraged to do so.  Last week was Rosina, this week Isabella, next week ????.  LOL.
Maybe the next time I show her, she will be closer to the finish, or finished!!!! 
Thank you to all of you and your kind words on my Rosina Payne.  If you are thinking about stitching her, I assure you, she is a pleasure to work on.  She doesn't talk back, and she gives you enjoyment in each and every stitch.

Thanks for stopping by again, and have a fantastic day!!


  1. I love Isabella, don't you? Yes, strawberry milk indeed! lol! I picked an old WIP up that's in 45ct, just to see if I could still do it. I can! Yay! lol!

  2. I love Isabella and I can't believe how small it is. I don't know how you see on the 45 count fabric, but my hats off to you. She is looking wondrful!

  3. Isabella is lovely! Wow, 45 ct! You must have very good eyesight! I stuggle with 40 ct and usually prefer 32 ct.

  4. Isabella is looking beautiful and I just love that pink cow! Your 45 count work is amazing. I hope to graduate to 40 count someday Lol!

  5. Isabella is a lovely sampler isn't it. I am sure that Isabella and Rosina will lovely hanging together.

  6. So beautiful! And the dime is pretty cool too!

  7. Isabella is so pretty!!!! I love 40 count and I started my first 45 count project a couple weeks ago :-).

  8. ooooo strawberry milk :) she is gorgeous and well done on the 45 count ....just started my first 40 count with these crazies ... and I haven't got rosina payne either stitched or not stitched ... looking forward to seeing how far you get :) love mouse xxxxx

  9. My eyes are not up to such a high count. I wish they were. I love the strawberry cow.


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