Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What to do

When the pile of WIPs is as crazy as mine (from the crazy January challenge of 2011) it is sometimes hard to choose what is going to be next on the docket.  However, I thought a great way to choose a project was just open up 1 of the 2 WIP bins, grab and go.  Well, on Sunday night when I did that, I grabbed And They Sinned.  This is not a terrible project-- in fact, since alot of you are stitching it, I think it is a great idea, to kind of stitch it with you.  So, on Sunday night I continued down the side of the border, which is easy enough to do, after completing Isabella around 10:30pm.  I cant just sit there you know, and watch the movie!!  LOL.
The color is not as green as the pic, it was late..... what do you want at 12 midnight??!!!!  But, in fact it is another shade of Vintage Maritime White.  Like I said yesterday, it is one of my favorite colors-- I have many favorites, but the next few projects I want to work on, are on this shade. So, I digress, as I usually do.......
Last night I didnt feel like working on ATS, but it isnt put away, just put down the end of the couch, still all sprawled out-- which I have taken over and kicked my poor husband to another comfy chair.  No worries, he like reading his ipad wherever.
So last summer a Friend of mine and I have been wanting to stitch this next piece forever, and I thought it was an easy one to get out of the way.

Using these glorious colors, and 40ct burlap linen, here is what I will stitch on this week.
City Stitcher- Weeping Tree Sampler (OOP). I had a tiny bit of the top of the tree done and the edge of the white as you can see before starting last night.  I didnt stitch any more of the border, but laid the ground work for the rest of the tree, which is done on the left. I am going to keep ATS out, perhaps when I am done stitching this one, I will get to her also.
Amazing it is the last day of January right?!  Just 15 minutes ago we were all working on the list and pulling wips out for January 2012.  Well, as Margaret said, this is going to be a great year for finishing WIPS and I feel she is right on the ball with that comment.  I would like to start Ann Dale-- Big and Tall, but I am holding out for now.  I would like to see these WIP bins empty, to fill with new stash perhaps.  I told my husband about Margaret's theory, and he said well, you keep getting new stuff, but finish the old stuff-- there are some really nice samplers in that bin.  Right on!!!!!!!!! 
Thats the plan folks :)


  1. Those colors are very pretty! I also like your thread holders, where did u get them?!

    1. Arent they just fabulous!!!! I use them for all my thread-- both silk and cotton. I get mine from Acorns and Threads, Portland OR. Give them a call-- they mail order!!

  2. Great starts on both! I love the Weeping Tree sampler and of course, ATS is an all time favorite. I am really enjoying seeing everyone's progress on it.

  3. Ohhh I just LOVE that chart City Stitcher- Weeping Tree Sampler. I am such a sucker for Willow Trees, they were my mothers favorite. I can't wait to see your progress on this piece.

    I think I need to jumo on this WIP band wagon. I have many in my bin, but just cant seem to want to stitxh them. A few I am just going to chuck as they have been frogged over and over and never seem to come out right.

    After I bath my dogs I am going to work on my WIP's :) So nice to have a hubby that is on board with your stitching plans haha

  4. You know, it takes looking through blogs to be reminded of things that you have in your stash! I have loved the Weeping Tree Sampler for like - forever!! And never think of stitching it. I guess I need to pull it out to be reminded when I get through some of my WIPs. Good progress on ATS - that's one of my favorites.

  5. Nice City Stitcher pattern.. those colors are just gorgeous!

  6. Love the plan and the stitching --- now could you somehow beat into my head the idea that I ought to stop starting stuff and finish off what's in my WIP bins? I have so many and yet still the new stuff callls and calls.....

  7. The colours of those threads are so rich and vibrant, I can't wait to see the design being stitch.

    I have been reading the Ann Dale chart tonight, I think that I will be making a start on Thursday night if I can bear to put Ann Medd down.

    I am so pleased that you have taken ATS out, I am sure that you will enjoy stitching it, the colours of the threads are very beautiful. I love the names of the GAST threads.

  8. Love the colors for your weeping willow sampler!!!! Don't silks just photograph so pretty and shiny :-).

  9. Love the Weeping Tree Sampler. How sad it's OOP.
    Congrats on your starts!

  10. I love the Willow Tree Sampler....did that one years ago and have it hanging in my dining room. Can't wait to watch yours grow!

  11. Oh, what a great choice. I love the Weeping Tree Sampler very much but hadn't bought it when it still was possible. Have fun stitching it with all these wonderful colours.

  12. Yay for working on ATS! I'm still working on mine on Sundays and one day I'll hopefully get to page 2. LOL!! Love the silks for your Weeping Willow...drool!


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