Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Rockin' Eve

Another year has come and gone before we could even get used to saying 2011.  Now we must prepare for another year.  My mother always said that when we got older, time would go faster.  I know that we did not believe her when the school year began, but by the time summer came, we didnt know what to do first, and before we knew it, summer was indeed over.  So now as an adult, I am positive my mother was right; about that, and of course so many other things we didnt want to admit.
This year was another great one for us, and looking ahead, and I think that next year is going to be even better!  How can that be?  Each year getting better, as we keep getting older?  Well, finding the positive in many things has helped me achieve this theory, and I will continue to do so.  It is hard, believe me to think this way sometimes, sometimes more then others, but the good always seems to out way the bad.  I mean in day to day activities, we go through some trials, but the next day, a great positive happens, and helps you forget that trial you dealt with the day before.  I am by no means Ms. Positive Pants, but I am not classified as Ms. Negative Nelly either!!!  LOL.  There is so much going on in this world, that needs some 'real change', 'change you can actually purchase stock in' and 'change that will be for the better, not the worse'.  Looking at all of these things happening can really put a damper on life.  Again, looking at 2012, it is going to be a better year :)
Reading so many wrap up blog posts, year in review....has been great fun.  SO many beautiful finishes, and gorgeous samplers now on my need to do that NOW list........LOL.
I could do the same, but I have decided not to look back, but to continue looking forward on the things to come within this new year that is upon us.  I dont have 31 projects planned out-- as a matter of fact, I have my January 1st start planned and that is it at this point.  I am sure there are going to be other starts, but I would love to work on some of the WIPs I have created for myself in January 2011.  I do love starting projects, but I do have a want and a need to finish them as well...

I am moving along on Rosina Payne, and 'if I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet; I wouldnt be more surprised' that she wasnt one of the first WIPs finished in 2012.  I have some other tricks up my sleeve, but nothing as crazy as last year.  Dont get me wrong, I had a BLAST last January, but with being so much busier, I havent really had time to think much about stitching, let alone what crazy challenge am I going to get myself involved with. 
The last week has been fantastic, and with so much fun being had, it is time to get back to brass tacs.  I did want to share the special gift my Husband gave me, being something that I have known about, knew that existed, but never saw or touched in person.

It is a coveted item by many....... the white/green featherweight by Singer, 1964.  I am soooo thrilled with this gift!!!!  These were made and sold only in Great Britain and are hard to find in the US.  The black featherweights, were made here and only sold here, so they are on the hunt for the black ones :)  How fun is this right?!  It does work.  The belt is missing on the machine, but that is easy to replace.  The light works, the gears move and it is ready to go.  However, I dont plan on using it, just more for display.  I am fired up!!!!!!!!   She is a real beauty :)
I hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas, mine was fantastic.  Many firsts for me this year which will make the time even more memorable.  Until next year right?----I know, I know, no rushing!!!!!

So there you have it, my very last post of the year 2011.  How many of you will watch the ball drop in Times Square NYC??  How many of you will be there to watch it??????  It is always very exciting!!!!!!!!  I hope that everyone has a safe and Happy New Year.  It is going to be a great night, and a fabulous new year!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Rosina is gorgeous as always! I think it makes sense to stick with your WIPs and just have one New Year's start. I enjoyed your January last year, but one can't keep such things up! lol! Congrats on the Featherweight! That's interesting about the white ones -- didn't know they existed! I have a black one and it's my workhorse machine, the only one I use. It does a good job! Happy New Year!

  2. Your Rosina is beautiful! I stayed in watching the Times Square ball drop from my couch stitching into the new year. I thought this Rockin' Eve was one of the better ones, entertainment-wise. I went to Times Square New Years once, about 25 years ago, and OMG it was sheer craziness! Happy New Year!

  3. What a gorgeous gift from your DH!!!! And Rosina is so pretty. It's always good to reflect and I hope you have a happy, happy new year with lots of stitching :-). I am always inspired by your stitching and can't wait to see what you do next.

  4. Rosina is gorgeous! Happy New Year!

  5. Rosina looks so so gorgeous and it seems that finishing her is already in the air. What a wonderful sampler this is. And oh, whta a precious find! I have never seen this kind of sewing machine before. Must be a great feeling to own one.
    Have a great new stitching and sewing year!


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