Monday, December 5, 2011

So this is next--lots of pics

First of all, I would like to thank all of you who posted/emailed/texted/called with so many kind words about my 2 finishes.  I took a night or 2 off from stitching, just to poke through my stash and see what was calling me.  I know, I know, that I have one in mind that should be brought out, (some of you know already what that one is........) but I wasnt feeling that project as I thought I would.  So, if you arent called to stitch something-- should you suffer through it?!  Well, in my case, I did so with Quaker study and I couldnt bear to do that again until next year  LOL.
So, I brought out what was calling to me, and that is my Rosina.
I left her this past summer to lay and wait until the next time she would be brought out into the sun, and finally, it was her turn.  She has been oh so patient, and I feel it is her turn to shine.
This is where I left her in August of this year, and this is her transformation.  I have been putting off the top verse........ 

Sorry for wrinkles, I didnt want to waste time on ironing her, when I was going to be stitching on her again tonight.  And because this is my favorite part, I had to show a close up of the flowers again!!!! 

 I am avoiding the top over one verse, but knowing I will be using the Society of Soie Surfine for the words, it doesn't bother me quite as much.  I should put in 1 strand every other motif, then it wont be all at the end.......... Maybe tonight I will add some words......
The below picture is where I am so far, last night I added some of the leaves to the tree on the bottom.  We shall see what gets done tonight, I should have that tree done for sure, but maybe some words will be an order.........  She is coming along beautifully.

You know with Christmas just around the corner, it has been getting colder and busier it seems.  Shopping is crazy, people running around with 20 things on their lists of daily to-do's.  I have been enjoying both, the hustle and bustle, and most of all, the cooler weather.

Yes, my Friends, the cooler weather.  I am not sure if something has come over me in the night, or many many nights ago, but the cool weather is a real nice treat.  I guess with a proper coat, gloves and scarves (thank you very much!), the cooler weather is most pleasant.  I am still surprised with myself, not complaining about the cooler weather.  

--- Wait for it ----

I actually have been enjoying it :) 

I am looking forward to a winter season, well, at least for the next bit LOL. 

After work at night, putting on my PJ's and my slippers...... making some green tea  (after supper with a cocktail of course!!!!) while stitching has been most wonderful these past few weeks and I definitely looking forward to many many more of these nights :)

What about you?  What is your favorite during the cold weather?


  1. Rosina is soooo pretty! I so love her and want to stitch her someday. Your progress is wonderful!

  2. Your Rosina was for sure deserving come to the light: it is a beautiful sampler and it is already looking great.

    I used to like the rainy days, when one can get cosy and tackle the needle. I just love to stay in when it is raining a lot! But since last year I had to have a heart operation the things are not so "cosy" anymore, as changes of the weather and most of all cold brings me a lot of pain in my chest, back neck... all over. Nevertheless I still get comfortable: put on blanket, take a painkiller with a nice warm tea and spend the evenings stitching.

  3. Rosina is lovely. Well, after the very hot summers here in Arizona, anything under 75 is great. We have been in a real cooling spell....I enjoy my tea or maybe a glass of wine at night. Did I mention I love a piece of chocolate with my wine?????

  4. ooooo looking gorgeous ..well done on the progress and there is nothing like being in PJ's on an evening after a lovely bubble bath stitching away quietly to your hearts content :) love mouse xxxx

  5. Rosina is such a lovely sampler. I can see why you love it. Your favourite piece of her is also my favorite. I really must get a copy of it one day.
    Well, I live in Australia where it is Summertime or I should say it is supposed to be Summer. Don't know it vanished to as it is quite chilly here over the last few days and I have even had to light my fire to warm the house up. I also love stitching in my cosy chair with a lovely cup of tea and something to nibble on. - Sandra.

  6. Rosina's motifs are really nice. Great idea to do the over one a thread at a time! My favorite thing to do in cold weather is b**** about it and wait for summer. But the faster winter goes, the faster I get older!

  7. She's beautiful! I'm so glad she's back out and seeing some attention.

  8. Rosina is just gorgeous and you've made some great progress! I find that doing a line of over one stitching here and there works best for me instead of saving it all for last.
    I don't mind the cold weather until someone mentions how warm it is where they are or that it is almost summer, and then I start wishing for the warmer weather again. :) So long as I have my heating pad though, I guess it won't be too unbearable. :)

  9. Rosina is absolutely beautiful, and you've made a lot of progress on her in the last few days. My favorite part about winter is being able to snuggle up in front of a fire with a warm cup of tea (or a hot toddy) and a good book or some stitching. Unfortunately I'll just have to imagine the fireplace since the one where I'm living right now isn't functioning.

  10. Wonderful piece. It looks great!

  11. Nice progress! What a gorgeous sampler.


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