Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Block 9 is done!

The last post for June is very exciting! I completed Block 9 yesterday, among other things...(the cleaning crew didnt come again over the weekend, so I had to do the work myself LOL!) I didnt know what to expect when stitching this block, looking at the picture, and looking at the pattern, it is always a nice surprise. The 3-d effect is terrific with the minimal backstitching. You can almost hear the horses walking down the street, past the refreshing fountain!

Today, I thought I would start block 12, but might 'block out' 10, 11 & 12, so that I can just stitch inside. That would be an easy thing to complete for sure. It is nice to see that all 12 will fit on the fabric too, not that I doubted that it would, (a few gals I showed my WIP asked, are you sure???!!!) but at this point, it wouldnt matter much; I would be LIVID though if it didnt! Yes, the correct size linen is the whole battle!

I was on target to get this piece done this month, but as you can see, that is far from happening! There is always next month. Stay tuned!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Block 9 start

A great start to BLOCK 9 yesterday!!!! I am thrilled to get it underway. I am happy to get the words done....interesting enough, the words are so easy I shouldnt complain about stitching them, but do. I like the colors in this block, so far the people on the bottom are really cute, and seamed to come alive now that they have been stitched. I hope to complete this block today, so that maybe I can start the Cemetery tomorrow??!!!!

I went to my Grandparents house yesterday for a nice Sunday visit, and I wanted to take some pictures of these cookie cutters (?)/ a mold of some sort that she has in the kitchen. They are very heavy and are about 12 inches tall. Curious if ANYONE knows anything about these, or knows what they are 'called'. Is there a series of these? No one really knows how old they are, but they seem to have been hanging there forever. I would be so appreciative for any help on finding out any info on these. Grandma doesnt remember where they came from, Holland maybe?

Well, I better get stitching. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

3rd Stocking Done!

Hello Sunday!! What a gorgeous day it is here today. Sun is out and shining brightly!! For those of you that know me, I LOVE the sun. It could be sunny everyday, and it wouldnt bother me 1 bit. For those of you that know me well, you know that I enjoy the HEAT. I do think most of you reading this blog, do not enjoy the heat!! I enjoy sitting by the pool, or the ocean and feeling the sun but I am covered in sun-block. It is hard to get much stitching done while 'sun-bathing' because I dont want to mess up my project with sun block 45!! Chlorine I dont think would work well either! Anyway, I am glad summer is here, and looking forward to a great one!! Busy Busy Busy. This summer has so many great events planned, with so many great friends and family I can hardly wait!! Every summer I think gets better and better.

My update today, is the 3rd stocking from BBD in the March series 'Wild Clover'. LL 40ct Vintage Buttercream with silks. I added the quarter so you could see how tiny they really are. I just think they are SO cute!! They measure 2.25"w x 3.5"h each. The best part of these little guys, are they are a quick stitch. 2 hours of Law & Order and it was done. I think if I wasnt watching these 2 episodes that I hadnt seen before, I might have gotten it done sooner. Oh yeah, and we had an ice cream break in there too!! I love Mint Chocolate Chip, among others of course! :).

I have Village layed out and I am ready to get started on Block 9. Stay tuned for the update. It is only a matter of time now!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Look who paid us a visit

Nice to wake up and see cute little movement in the yard! I love how peaceful they are, just observing and listening. There are several bunnies, and a few other furry creatures-- ground hogs. They are so funny to watch waddle across the lawn when they finally spot you starring at them. It is gorgeous here today, currently only 66 degrees, but I think we are gonna be in for a hot one!! Not much planned for today, but the usually errands and stitching!!!! YEAH!!!!

I had a GREAT time with my sister yesterday, accomplished alot, and laughed a TON. I really enjoy my sides hurting once in a while!! What a blast, I wish I could see her more. She is the BEST and I love her so much!!

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments, I look forward to them all the time. So nice to have so many friends!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


I have to re-post this picture of THRILLER. The terrible news we all got yesterday about Michael Jackson. Gosh, this was one talented man. I wish I was able to see him in concert, we were just talking about it. There isnt one song you could play that I didnt like! Thoughts and prayers with his family at this time.

Pt 2 & BBD Stockings

A few new things to show you. I have finished part 2 of Mary and decided I needed a break from her for a bit. I am enjoying it, even downloaded part 4. I like the variety of light and dark thread, interesting I would normally not choose this.

I really wanted to work on Village block 9, but instead I started BBD March stockings, which I wasnt going to do...... at least for now. I was looking for something easy, and finish stitching fast. I am using a scrap of 40ct Vintage Buttercream and silks. I like the stockings tiny, they look sooo cute!!!! (Who knows when I will 'finish' them off). Something about a smaller project in between these BAP we all love to do!! I think I will finish the 3rd one tonight, and start block 9. I really, really want to get Village done already!! Priorities!!! I need more time; dont we all?

I am spending the day with my sister and looking forward to this for sure. We are going to have a GREAT time. I dont get to see her often, so today will be a blast! Laughing, Lunch, Shopping and more Laughing!!!!! Not to much stitching will be done today, although maybe this weekend!! Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Part 1 done; 2 & 3 Almost.....

I was hoping to get all 3 sections done before part 4 came out, and guess what!!??? Didnt happen. Gosh, it was so nice out this weekend, outdoor activities were a must. I havent gone on a bike ride in forever!! How nice it was to feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my face. Oh yeah, and the pain in my thighs!!!! Maybe I should do more bike riding?? Yeah right. It rained like a pest on Saturday morning, and the sun was shining brightly in the afternoon. I tried to stitch outside a bit, but it was too bright for me to see. I did however, enjoy some wine later on in the early evening. The temperature was just perfect. Yesturday not much happened either, no stitching either. Today, I am going to make it happen!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another color

Not to much more from yesturday, but enough new color to share! I am going to have lunch with one of my good friends today for her Birthday. It will be nice to see her again. Stitching will be held off until tonight, I am itching to get back to it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am so excited to be back into the swing of things. Mary is really something. I am using 40ct Pearled Barley, Lakeside Linen with NPI silks. Some of the colors are a great conversion, others I think I am going to adjust. Interesting enough, I have all the Needleprint charts, but this is the first one being stitched. Why did I wait so long to start one of these beauties?? They are so gorgeous!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Its been so long!

Not to much to update all of you on, but I was able to finish Block 8 on Village, and stitch a tiny, tiny bit more on Mary. These past 2 weeks life has had other priorities for me to take care of, and no time for stitching. I am glad to have time again to get back to this love of mine!! This morning I woke up, and knew that I would be able to finish 8, and post an update. I hope that things will get back to 'normal' again. I have been looking forward to Mary, and now part 3 is out already!! Where does the time go??!! So many progress pics I have seen, and everyone is doing such a wonderful job, the colors are fabulous!! I cant wait to add mine soon!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I started Mary

Thanks for all your great comments on the NPI for Mary! I could line up silks all day, and 'play' with them, but I always feel guilty-- I could be stitching!!!! It calls for Black, White and Cream, I have those colors, but forgot to add them into the picture. Oh well, you get the idea :). With limited stitching time yesturday, last night around 10pm, I decided to fill in the black on Jacobs Mill, and see how far I could get on a start with Mary. Well, as you can see, I didnt make it very far, but I can tell she is going to be something!! I just love the first color, cant wait to see the next and the next and the next.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More 8 & Mary Wigham

June 2 already. Geez, I feel like I just said the same thing about May!! It keeps flying by, faster and faster!! Block 8 has been slow and steady. It seems like I have been filling in this mill forever. I love the colors, and the flowers on the bottom are wonderful. Just a nice touch of color. I have had enough of the mustard color for a while, but since I have another skein in my floss pack, looks like I am not done just yet :). You can barely see the letters on the top reading 'Jacob's Gristmill', yet to be surrounded by black and hanging branches. One stitch at a time!!

We all have been waiting patiently for the first download of Mary Wigham from Needleprint, and she came with flying colors last night. It is a wonderful treat for all of us Ackworth Quaker lovers, and a fabulous addition to our girls. With donation made, and Part 1 0f 9 downloaded, I was eager to pull colors and linen. Of course, nothing ever really comes without change! I am using NPI and the colors have been tweaked a bit. I chose is 40ct Pearled Barley from Lakeside Linens. I am anxious to get started on her. The colors are really pretty too! I havent joined any of the official SAL's, but I look forward to seeing others' progress and sharing my own. It will also be great fun to see everyones color choices!!!