Saturday, June 27, 2009

Look who paid us a visit

Nice to wake up and see cute little movement in the yard! I love how peaceful they are, just observing and listening. There are several bunnies, and a few other furry creatures-- ground hogs. They are so funny to watch waddle across the lawn when they finally spot you starring at them. It is gorgeous here today, currently only 66 degrees, but I think we are gonna be in for a hot one!! Not much planned for today, but the usually errands and stitching!!!! YEAH!!!!

I had a GREAT time with my sister yesterday, accomplished alot, and laughed a TON. I really enjoy my sides hurting once in a while!! What a blast, I wish I could see her more. She is the BEST and I love her so much!!

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments, I look forward to them all the time. So nice to have so many friends!!

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  1. Sweet pic of the bunny ~ I love 'em as long as they stay OUT of my yard - they eat absolutely everything! A good day of laughter with a dear sister is a blessed day, indeed!

    Have a great weekend!


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