Sunday, June 28, 2009

3rd Stocking Done!

Hello Sunday!! What a gorgeous day it is here today. Sun is out and shining brightly!! For those of you that know me, I LOVE the sun. It could be sunny everyday, and it wouldnt bother me 1 bit. For those of you that know me well, you know that I enjoy the HEAT. I do think most of you reading this blog, do not enjoy the heat!! I enjoy sitting by the pool, or the ocean and feeling the sun but I am covered in sun-block. It is hard to get much stitching done while 'sun-bathing' because I dont want to mess up my project with sun block 45!! Chlorine I dont think would work well either! Anyway, I am glad summer is here, and looking forward to a great one!! Busy Busy Busy. This summer has so many great events planned, with so many great friends and family I can hardly wait!! Every summer I think gets better and better.

My update today, is the 3rd stocking from BBD in the March series 'Wild Clover'. LL 40ct Vintage Buttercream with silks. I added the quarter so you could see how tiny they really are. I just think they are SO cute!! They measure 2.25"w x 3.5"h each. The best part of these little guys, are they are a quick stitch. 2 hours of Law & Order and it was done. I think if I wasnt watching these 2 episodes that I hadnt seen before, I might have gotten it done sooner. Oh yeah, and we had an ice cream break in there too!! I love Mint Chocolate Chip, among others of course! :).

I have Village layed out and I am ready to get started on Block 9. Stay tuned for the update. It is only a matter of time now!


  1. Nice stocking! Isn't the summer always so busy? Pretty amazing! As for heat -- bleagh! It's actually been cloudy, rainy and muggy here for almost a month and I'm sick of it!

  2. I have missed a few of your posts. I do enjoy visiting your blog and seeing your stitchery.
    The stockings are just precious. I love to sit outside myself and soak up the sun. It is too bad lotion and stitching don't mix.

  3. Nice stocking! It is so sweet and tiny! I can't wait to see them finished up into stocking form. I love me some Law & Order, too! ;)

  4. These stockings are so cute! I wish I could join you in enjoying heat. I like it about 75 and sunny and no humidity! Unfortunately we get a lot of humidity up here. Enjoy your weather.

  5. Another cute one! I was trying to stitch last night while watching True Blood. More watching than stitching going on for sure!

  6. Shannon Girl, these stockings are so way cute!! I think, whenever I get the chance and stitch some of them, I too will opt for the 40 ct. Great progress on MW!! Keep it up!! Villages will be a grand finish before you know it.

    Me no like lots of humidity and extreme temps! I prefer summer to be the way it has been here for a last few days, temps in the 80's with very little humidity and a nice breeze...ahhhh! I know it won't last though! Enjoy your summer!


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