Monday, June 29, 2009

Block 9 start

A great start to BLOCK 9 yesterday!!!! I am thrilled to get it underway. I am happy to get the words done....interesting enough, the words are so easy I shouldnt complain about stitching them, but do. I like the colors in this block, so far the people on the bottom are really cute, and seamed to come alive now that they have been stitched. I hope to complete this block today, so that maybe I can start the Cemetery tomorrow??!!!!

I went to my Grandparents house yesterday for a nice Sunday visit, and I wanted to take some pictures of these cookie cutters (?)/ a mold of some sort that she has in the kitchen. They are very heavy and are about 12 inches tall. Curious if ANYONE knows anything about these, or knows what they are 'called'. Is there a series of these? No one really knows how old they are, but they seem to have been hanging there forever. I would be so appreciative for any help on finding out any info on these. Grandma doesnt remember where they came from, Holland maybe?

Well, I better get stitching. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


  1. You always amaze me with how much stitching you get done, Shannon! I aspire to that speed! LOL

    Those are definitely interesting cookie cutters. Have no information, but they sure are neat. I was thinking maybe they are from Germany? No real reason, just look like something from there. Hope you find out info on them!

  2. Nice block 9 start! As for those cookie cutters, can't help you out, but boy are they cool!

  3. Your block looks wonderful. I'm so jealous. You've gotten so much stitching done on this already. I don't know anything about the cutters, but they are really nice! Hope you can find something out about them.


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