Friday, June 26, 2009

Pt 2 & BBD Stockings

A few new things to show you. I have finished part 2 of Mary and decided I needed a break from her for a bit. I am enjoying it, even downloaded part 4. I like the variety of light and dark thread, interesting I would normally not choose this.

I really wanted to work on Village block 9, but instead I started BBD March stockings, which I wasnt going to do...... at least for now. I was looking for something easy, and finish stitching fast. I am using a scrap of 40ct Vintage Buttercream and silks. I like the stockings tiny, they look sooo cute!!!! (Who knows when I will 'finish' them off). Something about a smaller project in between these BAP we all love to do!! I think I will finish the 3rd one tonight, and start block 9. I really, really want to get Village done already!! Priorities!!! I need more time; dont we all?

I am spending the day with my sister and looking forward to this for sure. We are going to have a GREAT time. I dont get to see her often, so today will be a blast! Laughing, Lunch, Shopping and more Laughing!!!!! Not to much stitching will be done today, although maybe this weekend!! Have a great day!


  1. Ahhh...your stockings, I'm so jealous ;)
    And your Mary WIP...GORGEOUS! Good Going YOU!

  2. Great pics all around -- I love all your projects! Have a great time with your sister!

  3. Shannon, your stocking finishes are so adorable! You are right, sometimes we just need a quick little finish, before we hit those BAPS again! Your MW is looking ever so lovely, congrats for getting part two done!!

    Have fun today, shopping, eating and laughing with your sister. Sounds like good times!

  4. Wonderful progress! I love the stocking on 40 ct--I can only imagine how tiny it'd be! I hear you on wanting to finish Village. I keep thinking if I could just keep at Shores, it'd be finished, but I am having a love/hate relationship with it. AGH. Ah well, they'll both be done eventually and it will be worth it in the end! :) Enjoy your day!

  5. Love the stockings on 40ct, they are are so sweet! And I love how Mary is coming along, the colors are beautiful.


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