Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here She is!

This last few days have been so much fun. So busy and so much accomplished. While taking a few days off....... On Friday, after I posted my finished Garden of Life, I decided to pull out the stash for a bit. I want to stitch so many different pieces and I cant really decide which ones. I have had a few pieces in my stitching bag and decided to rotate some of them out, perhaps I would be inspired to work on some others. After cleaning up, my plan was to work on my Beatrix Potter (Surprise!!!!). I started it a couple of days ago, put her down, and when I went to work on her again on Friday, I couldnt find it!!!!!! Panic set in, and I re-went through everything. Where could she have gone? She disappeared for 2 days. I couldnt believe this. After going through everything twice, I decided to give up looking and work on something else. Since going through my stash and moving things around, I had a few of those mesh zipper bags left over, and put them on the side of the couch. Well, to my surprise, I needed 1 of those bags and who should come out of hiding?? Beatrix!!!!!!!!! Yeah!! I was so relieved.

So for all of you waiting to see the new Quaker I started to work on, here She is, Beatrix Potter. Combination of 40ct Porcelain Lakeside Linens, with Gloriana Coffee Bean. She is gorgeous!!! I couldnt be more pleased with the way she is turning out, and cant wait to stitch on her more. I have been reading about a few gals starting Bea, and I wanted to stitch her too! I know my friend Brandy is stitching Bea, and I cant wait to see her progress! I love all the color combinations. Isnt it so exciting?

Not being able to find Bea this weekend, what could I do, but start another project (I dont have ANY others started!) La D Da 'Love Thy Neighbor' with NPI silk and 32ct stash fabric. It was an easy stitch, and I love the colors too. Last night as the sun was setting, we took the piece outside and took some pictures of it in the natural light. So vibrant outside. I just love it.

Yesturday, I also organized some more of my floss. Now all the Crescent Colors, Gentle Arts and now Weeks floss are all hung in alphabetical order. OUTSTANDING!! What a job. Now I just have to do the silks. I am not ready to tackle that job just yet, I have to work up to that one. Besides Beatrix is calling and I have to tend to her!


  1. Love your start on Bea with that floss color. It's really going to be striking when it's finished. I've had her in my stash and really need to do her one day. I see so many working on it and it's so beautiful. Glad that you found her after her couple days of hiding!!

    And love, love your La D Da finish. I can't believe that you got that done in a weekend! Flying fingers. I think that fabric that you chose is perfect for the colors in the design - really sets them off.

    And you asked about my floss organization - ha, I've barely begun, but I do love the system and am so glad that you posted about it. I think I only have two of the gliders filled - just too many things going on. But I know it's going to save me a lot of time and money in the long run. I've found that I've collected multiples of some color - not a good thing.

    Take care.

  2. Beatrice is wonderful - love the fabric and fiber! Is there a reason behind hanging the floss vs. winding it on bobbins? I am trying to figure out the best way to store them and don't want to damage them.

  3. Bea is in my stash pile. I'm with you, too many to choose from and I want to stitch them all with more being added all the time!!

    Kudos on the organizing of the floss! Where's the pictures??

  4. You stitched Love Thy Neighbour over the weekend and finished her?! Wow!

    Beatrix Potter is in my 'to do' list so I can't wait to see the progress of yours!

    My HDF are in rough colour grouping, you're doing yours in alphabetical order? I thought having my spice rack in alphabetical order was BAD!!!!!

    Gorgeous stitching as usual, great blog to read!

  5. Those colors in Love Thy Neighbor are just so very beautiful!!! What fibers and fabric did you use, Shannon? It is just gorgeous!!

    Love your fiber choice for BP too!!! Mine is going around with an RR and won't be home again for me to finish until November!

  6. Wow! I love both projects! The colors are just wonderful!

  7. Welcome to "the club", I hope you enjoy Beatrix Sampler as much as I do.

  8. Splendid embroider, compliment for the select cloth, this tonality is marvelous of brown!


  9. Wow, I can't believe how quickly you stitched up your La D Da! It looks great. I love the materials you chose for Bea. She is a fun stitch!

  10. Love the La D Da, you must share with me the colors of silk and fabric you chose to stitch them on. It is drop dead gorgeous!!!

  11. Gorgeous - as usual!! Lynn


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