Friday, August 7, 2009

Brick House progress

Slow progress on Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers #21. I stitched some last night, while watching the Mentalist, I really enjoy watching that program. I am sure it was a re-run but I hadn't seen it. Very excited to start the Fall shows. I dont watch to much tv, or schedule things around my favorite shows, but I do enjoy stitching while they are on. I dont have to pay too much attention, and can just glance up every once in a while.

Tonight is Sushi night. I have been craving it for a while now, and this is it. Yum. Maybe afterwards I can finally fill in and finish this brick house. This is the most filled in spot out of the whole piece, there shouldnt be a reason why I cannot. Funny how things look so easy!!

Few have asked about the Bohin needles, and I got mine at a LNS, but you can google Bohin, and there are several posts that come up. I highly recommend them. I think they are $2.00 for 5. Not a bad investment to help stitch better right!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend and get lots of stitching done!


  1. wow, you are making great progress on this. I really like the house - can't wait to see more.

  2. Your BBD is looking good. Maybe you'll have the bricks in this weekend. You're like me - I have the TV on, but barely pay any attention - I think I like the background noise.

  3. So pretty! Love your progress!

  4. I do the same - the TV is on and I just glance up once in a while but I do listen to the dialoge. I even do this while reading or writing blogs.

  5. Looking great! I love these little houses.

    I love sushi, but don't get it much since someone else doesn't like fish. I agree, stitching with the TV on is fun. I put in old movies mostly, unless it's football season!


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