Monday, June 24, 2013

Mutilple items

A few things that need to be updated since the last time we talked about stitching.  First off though, my new little nephew is already almost 1 week old already!!  Amazing how time flies.  I remember watching my clock last week and announced that he was already 1 day old.  My sister and brother in law dressed him in this super cute little grey stripe outfit with a giraffe on it and took him to coffee hour at church yesterday.  Everyone was just thrilled to meet the little guy just 5 days old :) 
Today I wanted to share with you some stitching projects I have been working on.
First up is the La Da Da Stitchers Roll Kit; I have completed the stitching, now onto the wonderful finishing part.  I cant tell you how fast that will be complete-- I am not the best finisher, but we shall see.  Depends on how quick I want if off the pile!  (sorry for the wrinkles)
Next up is Birds of a Feather Le Printemps

I am enjoying the filling in of her dress, love the color I chose for her :).   I am looking forward to finishing the skirt soon.  I did notice that the bottom bands are more spread out and there are less of them.  The top ones are a bit compressed.  Although they are wider on the bottom....... I am looking forward to finishing with this color and using some of the other fabulous and bright colors I have chosen soon :)  I am so tempted to cheat and use them, but I feel like it will be a reward for sure!

Since the stitching is finished on the La D Da Stitchers roll, I needed another new travel project.  I managed to dig deep into the basement and stash dive for a bit.  What a hard choice!!!  There were so many beautiful options, but looking for the perfect 40ct linen project wasnt the easiest.  I was looking for something that wasnt quite as simple- or small, and something that would last a bit longer (however I am not sure how long it will last because once I really get into it, I might want to finish it asap--like with Elizabeth Mears)
So, wanting to stitch this next sampler has been in the top section of my basket next to my stitching chair for like 2 years, I decided to start stitching Jane Tindall from Needlework Press. 
Using the called for AVS and Florimell Silks along with 1 other addition a Ltd Edition Hankalicious from Gloriana (the dark red), I have started a new travel project.  Or what I call a driving project.  Call it what you will, it is only worked on while in a moving vehicle.  That all may change in the future, but you never know, there are so many others I want to work on while sitting still!!!  LOL.
Since hearing the horrors of running out of the specific grass color, I bought a few years back a hankalicious of it.  You never can have too much, however you might run out at any time.  I HATE this, and about 7 years ago, decided this had to change.  It wont go bad!
I wanted a specific shade of grey for Jane and I have had her kitted up with (what I think is) the perfect color from the old Birds of a Feather linen-- Sandpiper.  WOWZA is she looking good so far!  I cant wait to hit the road again.

Speaking of hitting the road, how many of you have ever done a United States cross country road trip?  East to West, West to East?  See anything that was so fabulous??  Any cross stitch shops that are a must stop?  Quilt shops? Antique Malls?  Landmarks?  Museums?  State Parks?  Restaurants?  Packing up the old car or truck, motorcyle, 5th wheel or Motorhome? Pack a lunch or hit famous road-side diners? How many stitching projects do you actually take???

I would like to know!!!!  I am just curious as my Husband and I are getting ready to pack up and head out!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

The most precious gift

Arrived this past Tuesday, June 18th at 11:08am.  I became an Aunt to a healthy bouncing baby boy weighing in at 10.8 pounds and 22 inches long.  What a blessing!!  God is good!!!!!  My beautiful sister and brother in law had their first child this week and wow is he amazing!!!!!!!!  I was able to meet and hold him at just 4 hours old!! Unbelievable.  I am not much of a crier, but let me tell you, I was balling like a baby!!!!  LOL.
Look at these feet!!!!  Just precious!!!!!  I am over the moon of course, as well as the rest of our family.  My sister is quite the trooper and I am soooo proud of her :)  Everyone is doing great and have gone home yesterday.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Up next

Thank you for all your kind words yesterday on my American Quaker Band Sampler.  Curious minds also wanting to know what is next up on the stitching front.
From this past Nashville market, from La D Da; Stitcher's Roll Key.  I am immediately drawn to kits when I see them, but remember each and every time I start one why I don't like them.  The linen is always the bare minimum and you hold your breath for the threads.  Linen is 30ct WDW burlap and I am not used to putting my needle up from the bottom and it falling out of the linen by the time I reach my hand up to the top to grab it.  LOL.  I use a hoop so one hand is always occupied.   I am thankful that this kit is using NPI and the numbers are given- easy to match if you run out.  I always like options however sometimes the design takes over (a must have) and you just make due with what comes with it.  I guess I am usually spoiled stitching on a piece of linen larger than a hankie and having a full skein of something.  Non the less though, I did purchase both of this years kits, even the Stacy Nash kit.  Overall the end result is what matters.  I love these little guys!!  They are stinkin cute!!!!
I think that once the easy part of the stitching is complete, the hard part will be for me is the finishing.  I would rather stitch queen stitches all day then finish something like this.  One of my friends said that is what they have finishers for. 
Almost finished with the top section, looking forward to hopefully finishing it today, but we shall see.  Le Printemps was calling me so I worked on her for the later part of the evening while watching The Impossible.  This movie is a true story about a family who was in Thailand in 2004 during the Tsunami.  Truly incredible, and worth watching.
I finished outlining the bottom right of her skirt along with the bottom and began filling in her dress.  It is amazing what only a few hours will do for you when you are focused. 
I cant wait to add more to her, she is so much fun!!
Enjoy your weekend, hopefully it is relaxing and full of stitching!!  Thanks for stopping by :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

American Quaker Band Sampler

Is finished!  Final queen stitches placed on the bottom row last night and I love it!  Super easy little piece and I feel great about another finish out of the pile-o-stash :)
Adjusting the specific color placement on the bottom was fun-- using the same AVS colors as chosen since the beginning but the arrangement was changed.  Easy when you are only using 3 colors!
Ever since my friend had taught me the queen stitch, I no longer fear it.  It had been since December of last year that I had done them, so at first it was a little rough, but before long, I was sailing along.  The turquoise queen stitch row was supposed to be the pale peach, but I thought pulling down some of the blue was needed.  Isnt it a great shade?
So my weekender turned into a week long project, but what do I expect when you have to go to work??!!!  (Work is good--) Start to finish May 30th-June 5th.  I will take it. 
Thanks for stopping by-- I have a bit of stash diving to do today!! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Not quite done

My idea of a weekender project was made with good intentions-- however, the weekend came and went!  I did make some great progress on the American Quaker Band Sampler by Scarlett Letter.   This is Sunday nights progress:
Not to bad right?  I came to an abrupt hault when I realized that after the black alphabet, the specialty stitches came to play.  I knew this was going to happen, but completely forgot when I got to it.  Being kitted for so long one tends to forget the small things :)
No worries though, the row of long arm cross went without a hitch as well as the start to the full alphabet 'over-1'. 
Last night, I continued working on it and got a bit further
The next band are eyelets.  Again, easy-- especially since there are only 4" worth!!  Some of these other samplers I am reading about on blogs the eyelets are eternal!!  LOL.  I too, will get to those someday.  So I am onto the row of queen stitches and I decided to go to bed.  Tonight in another night!!!
I leave you with a full pic of the progress so far and thank you for all your comments-- I love them!!!!! 
Have a fantastic day!!!!