Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2 Things We Can't Avoid--EVER

You know what those are?  Death and Taxes.  Good news for me, I am not dead :)  Bad news is, it is once again tax time:(.  I do know that you can run from them, but for how long?  I do not know.  I do enjoy sleeping and I feel like I pay enough, so why not continue to pay on time.  Either way they are getting their money, just I want it to be the least as possible.  Since my last post, last month, I have been neck deep involved with getting them done.  I have 'people'.  But, those 'people' still need some help, especially with every waking and sleeping moment, there are new regulations or new forms to fill out, or new ones to replace the old ones, sign here, not here, date here.  I appreciate these 'people' in more ways then I can really express, and if you are one of those 'people' know that you are appreciated.  It is WELL worth it :)  I can LOL now, but it is never easy.  I have found as organized as I am,( and I really am,) I still run into the form I missed, or misplaced.  I am happy to get them done and out of my front page thoughts for a bit. 
Stitching should have been my crutch to fall on these past few weeks, but the stress has made me virtually ILL.  Why???   Its so stupid to worry sooo much.  I felt so bad 1 night that I couldn't even pick up my stitching.  And you know me, I cant sit still.  I must do 2 things at once, at all times. (Even as you are reading this you can just envision me bouncing all over the place doing this, doing that, getting this done, etc., etc) Thank goodness it is all over and I am breathing so much easier.  I am way behind on emails, blog posts, stitching.
I did want to share the little bit of progress on both SDW and Elizabeth Mears. The last time I was gone for over 3 weeks I finished DB!!!!  Not the case here :(.   I love watching the pieces grow and have actually been really enjoying stitching on the 40ct.
One bummer is that the colors are not coming out as they are on my linen, but of course, we all know that.  I have made some adjustments as usual with my pieces, and have been dissecting each motif to find the perfect color.  I have noticed a few missing stitched areas on the cover picture as to the charted design, and have made my adjustments there as well.
I am onto that 'house' now and I am finding it is not as overwhelming as I thought it would be.  It is really coming along.   Now, if I could only hit the lottery to be able to live in a home like this!!  But, non the less, I will have Miss Mears to dream about :)
I have my Ann Bowers SAL to get going on (like starting would be nice :)), I am way far behind, but that is nothing new.  I am not really good with SAL's.  I soo enjoy them, the company and the encouragement, however I get soo sidetracked with daily duties and other samplers-- how many of you have this problem?  Let me see those hands?!!  LOL

Sorry I have not been a good blogging buddy lately.   I have enjoyed reading some blogs, but have fell short on most of them in the past weeks.  Sooo many beautiful pieces being stitching, so many introduced at Nashville and making ways into new craft rooms.  I am hoping to change that in the coming weeks, now that those blessed taxes are done for 2012 :)  I hope all of you have a wonderful day, keep those needles flying!!!!!  Thank for visiting.


  1. Glad to hear you're back to stitching. It is always so exciting to see what you are up to in that department. Seeing your Elizabeth makes me want to get back to mine. Maybe I'll be able to get her back in the rotation soon. Not as far along with her as you are but it would sure be time well spent!! Laura

  2. Glad you are back stitching :) Any progress is good progress!

  3. Love your SDW and your Elizabeth too! I finally broke down and ordered Ann Bowers. I don't know if I'll do it with the SAL, but I had to get the kit.

  4. Taxes are fun!!!!! Your work is amazing, it is fristrating when they don't look as you would expect them to though. It will be a masterpiece when finished, good luck with it.


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