Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yes you are seeing correct

Good Morning everyone!!!  What a gorgeous day it is today!!!  I have a fun day planned, and I wanted to show you something first.  PROGRESS!!!!!!!!!
Thursday night I picked up SDW and I powered out the rest of the top blackwork.  WOW.  What a gorgeous row of stitches.  I told you earlier in the day I didnt really enjoy this type of work, but maybe it gets easier when we get older????!!!! Can it be???!!  LOL  What I found was that after 2 of the flower looking tops, I had memorized the stitches and was able to really just sit and stitch.  I had the chart handy because I wanted to double check every once in a while.   I still cant believe it.  It is well worth the stitching.
And as you can see it looks like lace!!!  Incredible.
Friday night we met up with some family for dinner and got back late enough I couldnt sit and stitch.  Straight to bed :(  It was a enjoyable meal and visiting with them is always great fun, but I am fired up like I was with DB, now with SDW.  I want to stitch!!!! I am thrilled to see such advancement last night.  It really is such a beautful piece.  I took some time to make some color adjustments on the letters below, far off in the stitching future, but I was in the mood to do it, get it done right?
There is it.  Now, off to have fun today and more stitching tonight!!!!!!!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day!!!!


  1. THe blackwork is gorgeous and so much fun to do. SDW is coming along beautifully!!

  2. SDW is gorgeous! I love the gold blackwork at the top as well!

  3. HURRAY your coming out to play.

  4. Okay, I was typing a comment and it disappeared, so forgive the double if it comes through at some point! Love your progress on SDW--it's such a pretty sampler!

  5. That blackwork section is beautiful! I know there are several others stitching this in your SAL but I haven't noticed it on theirs. Yours must have some kind of magical glowing powers!! Laura

  6. Beautiful work on the blackwork! Memorize?? really? :)

  7. oooo it looks soo pretty and so pleased you are in the mood to stitch .... long may it continue :) love mouse xxxxx

  8. I love doing blackwork and yours is beautiful. The piece is coming along quickly.


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