Thursday, February 24, 2011


I am so excited about my splurge, I wanted to share it with all of you!  Can you even with these Hankalicious???  I dont have any definite plans for them just yet, but the colors are simply exquisite and I just had to have them.  My husband says I am spoiled.  Yes, I would totally agree!!!!

EDITED:  I am sorry-- I forgot to post what the Hankalicious skeins are!  Silly me :)  They are Gloriana Florimell Colors from Top are Antique Black, Hazelnut and Rosewood.  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moving Along

Too bad it has been over a week since I have posted and I have made some progress on Maria.  I havent touched my stitching this whole weekend-- work has been crazy busy.  Without wasting anymore time, I have completed as of last week Friday the over 3 cross stitch side on Maria. 

I am thrilled it is done, but yet there is still uncharted territory coming up on the left side!!!!  LOL. 

I have started the satin stitch on the top left, but I have already ripped that out.  So Maria has been grounded for a bit.  I need to work on her with a positive attitude.  Perhaps this weekend we will see some more progress.

I am looking forward to seeing more Nashville items, there are a few items I am waiting for, perhaps there will be more to tempt me.  You never know right?!!!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Update

Being Valentines Day today, I have the day off, well, I have had the entire weekend off and it has been quite lovely.  I did some work early on Saturday, but was able to get in some serious stitching time in the last 2 days.  First though, I did get some beautiful white roses from my Husband, which are my favorite.  There is something so classic about white roses.  Well, you know they are creme, but the most elegant in my opinion.  

It has been super busy at work, and this weekend was the first days off I have had in 10 days, and no stitching was taking place.  What a bummer, when I was stitching everyday last month.  I am not complaining about work at all, I actually love my work, but I need more time for stitching!!
So, let me get going on my progress.  I think I have a plan for how I want to tackle my projects started in January.  My thoughts have been to work on the the projects in order of the start, until they are complete.  Now, lets discuss that I have at least 2 enormous projects, Peace and Dutch Beauty included in those starts and WIPS, so I have to see how the spirit moves me when I get up to those.  I will also have to see how the spirit moves me after I finish this bird of a project I am stitching on now :)

This is where I left Maria on January 1st.  She was my first new start of 2011 and boy is she a piece of work.  I think that the sampler is gorgeous, and the colors are perfect, but I have never in my life done so much frogging.  I am telling you, every stinkin row, has had to be ripped out, at least 1 time.  

The top 2 rows of Maria are over 2, and the right side is all done over 3, using long arm cross-stitch, which is something I have done before on the Sampler Cove- Thriller piece a few years back.  Easy right?  I think it is the over 3 that is grabbing my throat and squeezing.  I have made some serious adjustments so far with this piece and I think I am going to continue to do so!!  Last night, I was finishing up the 4th row you see on the right, and I had to rip out half of it because I forgot 2 stitches.  I even us a MAGNET!!!!!!  I was ready to throw it the hell out last night for sure.  I have been tempted on every blasted row.   Why is this so difficult?  I cant even imagine why, I take my time, read the pattern, and still screw up.  What a pita.

On the postivie overall, Maria will be a beautiful addition to my drawer of completed samplers, someday to frame her, and hang her :)  LOL, seriously, I do love the sampler, and I am glad I have chosen to stitch her.  I look forward on the horizon, to the next project. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Someplace warm

Already a week has passed and I have not posted a thing.  Well, there isnt much to post about, especially on the stitching front.  But, I do have some great pics to share with you all.  Warm is where we all want to be right? Well, we decided to go 'warm'. Let me see if I can help you--

Would you like to be out sunning yourself today, like this fellow?  Perhaps you are wondering about the angle of this shot, turtles are very skiddish.  I tell you, they can sense you coming a mile away, and jump immediately back into the water.  However, when it is 78-85 degrees in the Everglades, you might enjoy swimming.... or sunning.  It was amazing to try and catch this little guy to take his picture.  Many many attempts were made for sure.
Now, what do you think about this guy?

This guy, cool and collected, enjoying a lap around and then shortly after, he too, wanted to enjoy the warm sun.

The bottom pic is my favorite, almost at his level.  Relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet that is in the Everglades.  Birds chirping, and warm wind is all you hear.  I must also tell you, these pics were taken rather close to him, you can almost watch him breath.  It is great fun, to take pictures of nature, fun to get close, but not too close.  There is another pic I have that you can really see the size of his teeth, but I am already on the border of frightening some readers, that I didnt want to post those.  There is also a huge supply of snakes, beautiful in color also enjoying the sun here in South Florida.  What a delightful way to spend a few days.  Nice, warm and sunny.

Of course, this is what we watch every night, the most glorious of sunsets.  You cant get better then this :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

31st January Project-Start

Today is the final post of my personal crazy challenge of January 2011.  There are a few things that I am surprised over, first I think-- that I worked on 31 projects, 24 new starts, worked on 7 wips and finished 1 new one and 1 oldie from last year.  Also, where has the month gone?  Here is it, February 1st already.  I cant believe it.  I am thrilled to be encouraged by many of you-- especially to keep the challenge going all year long.  But, I cant do that, as much fun as it would be.  Last night, I was actually tired of stitching.  Can you even?!  Yes, I was tired of starting another new project-- this I thought would never happen.  My mind has moved on to other things and I must say, I would rather work on some of the ones I started already this month!!!
But, I cant let anyone down, and I did start a beauty last night.  Jane Ballard from the Porcupine Collection.  When I found out last year from my friend that she was going to re-issue these fabulous patterns, I knew this was my chance to grab her.   

The amazing thing about it, is the linen I wanted to use, I didnt have any 'in stock' but, when I got the mail yesterday, the color miraculously showed up!!!! (Thank you very much :)!)  I couldnt have been more pleased with this :)  I knew I wanted to start her last night and without the right color linen, I wasnt sure it would work out. As of Sunday, the choices I had were not quite perfect.  But, now with the right linen, the color conversion could begin!  I have to choose 5 more colors, mostly greens and tans but the colors needed for the border and her dress was chosen last night with ease.

A blend of Belle Soie, SNC, Gloriana and ?? will be used for Jane on 45ct Vintage Woodsmoke.  Aaaahhhhh.  She is going to be gorgeous for sure.  The pink much brighter then I am used to, but looks great in the start.

This is a bigger sampler then I thought it would be for sure, and the pattern is one very large sheet of paper, like 24 x 30 and I will have to make a working copy for myself so I can cut it up into smaller sections, to make it more manageable to work with.
You remember that we like to go antiquing right?  Well, I picked up these beauties yesterday.
I hardly ever see needlework supplies in antique stores, and if I do, I cant afford them.  This pair is about 4" long and I have no idea the age or company who made them.  They do have 'Germany' on them but again, going with looks instead of age for me was all I needed, and I could afford them too :) 

So there you have it, a short run down of my Crazy Challenge for January 2011!  I have enjoyed it so much, and reading your comments and encouragement is so wonderful.  I am thrilled to inspire and to be inspired.  I look forward to what the rest of the year has to bring!!  I know it is going to continue to be an amazing year!!!!!!!