Monday, February 7, 2011

Someplace warm

Already a week has passed and I have not posted a thing.  Well, there isnt much to post about, especially on the stitching front.  But, I do have some great pics to share with you all.  Warm is where we all want to be right? Well, we decided to go 'warm'. Let me see if I can help you--

Would you like to be out sunning yourself today, like this fellow?  Perhaps you are wondering about the angle of this shot, turtles are very skiddish.  I tell you, they can sense you coming a mile away, and jump immediately back into the water.  However, when it is 78-85 degrees in the Everglades, you might enjoy swimming.... or sunning.  It was amazing to try and catch this little guy to take his picture.  Many many attempts were made for sure.
Now, what do you think about this guy?

This guy, cool and collected, enjoying a lap around and then shortly after, he too, wanted to enjoy the warm sun.

The bottom pic is my favorite, almost at his level.  Relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet that is in the Everglades.  Birds chirping, and warm wind is all you hear.  I must also tell you, these pics were taken rather close to him, you can almost watch him breath.  It is great fun, to take pictures of nature, fun to get close, but not too close.  There is another pic I have that you can really see the size of his teeth, but I am already on the border of frightening some readers, that I didnt want to post those.  There is also a huge supply of snakes, beautiful in color also enjoying the sun here in South Florida.  What a delightful way to spend a few days.  Nice, warm and sunny.

Of course, this is what we watch every night, the most glorious of sunsets.  You cant get better then this :)


  1. I'm sitting here freezing! And the warm photos looked so enticing. Funny that we were talking at dinner about how we'd like to head to Florida!

  2. Great pictures. Once when I visited Florida I got to see alligators up close...they are very big, very fast and frightening!

  3. Love the sunset pictures. They are beautiful! I can't wait for some warm days!

  4. Ah, great sunset pics! Yes, I do need some warmth. I'm so sick of winter!

  5. Oh my, those gators give me nightmares, but I'm fascinated that you can look at them from a different perspective. It never occured to me that these creatures might enjoy the peace of nature like the rest of us. LOL Thank you for these photos!


  6. Great photos but gators always give me the whillies even when they are enclosed!

  7. Oh I want to be warm too! We've got more ice today. I love the photos of the gator - amazing to get so close!!!

  8. Thanks for the sun and the pics! Was the gator thinking of taking a bite?

    Happy Stitching!

  9. What great pictures! I have sunshine envy:)


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