Monday, June 20, 2011

The Bramble and The Rose

Happy Fathers Day to all of you great Dads-- I spent yesterday with my Dad, and later in the evening, went and saw his Dad who is 89.   Simply amazing right?!  We had a picnic on Saturday with my Sister and her Husband and as usual, had a blast.   It was great to see them, and share a few hours together out of all our busy schedules.  I will have to share some of the good eats tomorrow with all of you :)

I am proud to say I finally finished The Bramble and The Rose by Ink Circles.  What a difference a few weeks make.  Well, and putting in stitches when ever there was a pause.  I was so desperate to get this one finished, I was even stitching on the way to work in the car, and late into the night.  I finished it on Friday night and couldnt be more excited!!!!  I think this one has been over 2 years in the making :)

So this beauty is stitched on 40ct Meadow Rue Lakeside with overdyed silk from a Friend.  Isnt it GORGEOUS!!!!!!!  Very different from my usual sampler routine, but a fabulous addition.  Tracy did a great job designing this one :)  I am looking forward to the frame this summer for sure.
I completed another piece over a week ago, but that one will have to make its blog debut next week or so.  My friend and I decided to stitch a design using Fibers to Dye for, and I am positive they are both great.  We havent shown each other the finished pieces yet, nor do we know what they look like but it is only a matter of days.............I hope!!!  I cant wait :)

I did pick up from the January Crazy challenge One Blue Bird by Goode Huswife, and I should have this one wrapped up later today.

I think the finished size on 40ct is somewhere near 5 x 7 size, but I am not sure.  A nice easy one.  I am fired up about these finishes, and looking forward to a few more this summer..... But it all depends, on how many starts there are too!!!!!!  LOL there are always summer starts.

My parents have a family of deer that travels through the yard every night, and it was fun to capture this one last night.  I think there are usually 6 or 7 of them, along with a gorgeous red fox.  Good luck catching him in pics, he doesnt usually last that long for you to run and grab the camera.  You never know though right?

It is my Mothers Birthday today---Happy Birthday Mom!!!  Also, another friend of mine-- her birthday is today as well-- Happy Birthday to you too!!!!!

Until next time!


  1. Fabulous sampler, looks like you need to keep concentrated on this one, congratulations. Love your GH sampler, simple is nice:)
    Oh your mother's deer looks fabulous, has she still got a garden? mine gets decimated by deer but I do like them.

  2. Happy birthday to your mom! I love your sampler finish -- so pretty! Your GH sampler is lovely as well! What a pretty deer -- wow!

  3. Happy birthday to your mum.
    Your finished IC piece looks absolutely gorgeous. So does your Blue Bird.

  4. Congrats on the The Bramble - I could never stitch something like that! I LOVE Huswife's little sampler. I've not seen it before so I'm so glad you bloggers are introducing me to new (to me!) patterns. As for the deer.... nice rack - something I'll never hear.

  5. That's a beautiful finish! The colors are lovely.

  6. ohh wonderful finish :0 happy dance all round :) happy birthday to your mum and glad you had a lovely day with your dad and granddad :) take care and happy stitching :0 love mouse xxxx

  7. The Ink Circle piece looks so great, congratulations on finishing it.
    It's always fun to take one of the Crazy projects and continue stitching on it, isn't it? Your GH piece is looking great.

  8. Congrats on the finishes, both the one we can see and the one we can't, lol. I'll be looking for your next update for pics!! Grats on your other progress too (on the GH piece). Sounds like a fun weekend!

  9. Beautiful finish!! Your GH is looking good too!

  10. Bramble and Rose is so impressive. Seriously, I just showed the picture to the dude, and he said, "That is AWESOME." You rock!


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