Monday, June 27, 2011

Across the Finish Line

Happy Monday!  What a great week it has been.  Today hopefully will start another great one off, and end with a great picnic and some fireworks :)  I wanted to share something I finished before Bramble and the Rose a few weeks back.  This was a secret project that my friend suggested we do with some of the Fibers to Dye For that we acquired several of these fabulous silks back in November.   She came up with the great idea to stitch up a project using colors from Amy Mitten. 
I actually chose a project in my Crazy January Start to do because I had wanted to stitch this piece and then it helped in my starts as well, and now, another finish.  Yesterday we did the unveiling of the projects we chose to stitch.  She chose fabulous Jane Withers from Plum Street Samplers and I chose Threads of Gold- Mary Corey.  Both pieces turned out amazing and I am so excited to show you Mary today.

I do know is that the color I used for the letters is called Evil.  Nice right?  Other colors used were Autopsy, Morbid, Old Lace, etc., etc.,  I dont have the list in front of me now, otherwise I would list those also.  I just had a great time using these silks, and again, if you havent tried them, they are worth hunting down to add them to your stash.  I chose 45ct V. Luna for Mary and I look forward to finding a super cute little frame for her this week.  I will have to share that with you too :)

I have also put in a few more stitches into the border of Isabella Johnston

and then I remembered about the other project I was working on with another friend, Fruit of the Spirit also from Plum Street Samplers.  I dug it out and added a few more stitches to that one as well. 

This is one of 3 houses in this pattern, the furthest one right, and I added in some of the over one into the houses window and door.   There are soo many colors in this tiny little project, I am forever switching out the threads.  I have chosen a 45ct V. Lakeside for this along with most of the threads called for with a few improvements :)  I hope to get more stitched on it this week.
I am almost ready to put some stithes into Dorothy W. the colors have been chosen, and the linen selected from the stash.  She is going to be exquisite. 
With some small talk, the last few days have been spent (amongst other things!!) putting together another great project-- locating all the pieces to the puzzle, that alot of you have started, and almost finished.  I cant give you to much more details just yet, it is only a matter of days before the colors are put to bed and I show you the next beauty.
Enjoy the week :)


  1. Great stitches!! Love the names of those threads!!

  2. Love your choice of projects! Mary Corey is one I really want to stitch! I love Amy Mitten's fibers! I've only used them in her kits though.

  3. What beautiful projects. I'm still drooling here. LOVE your finish. Your Wip's are looking fantastic too.
    I just looked up Amy Mitten and shouldn't have done Now I'm in love with one of her kits.

  4. ooooo well done on all your work .. and haven't tried those threads yet and your the 2nd person to mention them :) love mouse xxx

  5. Fibers to Dye For are wonderful. Love the colors your chose for Mary Corey.

  6. I've never tried silk. I really like the subdued colors of Mary Corey. I enjoy seeing the bright beautiful colors of all the blog samplers and love the way they look, but I also like the softness of the Morbid Evil Autopsy!

  7. Great progress and grats on the finish! Can't wait to see it framed. Love the color names too.

  8. that Fruit of the Spirit really caught my eye. Great progress and finish.
    Happy Stitching

  9. Love your finish! And just love the names of those colors of threads. I've never used any of Amy's threads before, but she's coming to my guild next year, so maybe I'll have a chance to do that.

  10. Mary Corey is wonderul in the Amy Mitten threads! Love it!! And your WIPs are looking lovely. I really need to stitch all three of these. I can't wait to see what the new piece is that you're figuring out threads for.


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