Saturday, September 26, 2009

Huntington Library pt 4

Onto the Good stuff! First entering the home where The Blue Boy and Pinkie were on display, I am always in awh of the architecture that these homes had, the beauty just pores out and I can not believe what I am seeing. The very first room we entered there was a beautiful tapestry hanging over the fireplace, and as I turned to look at it, something else caught my eye, sitting on the desk. An embroidered casket!!! I can't even!!! I have seen one other of these in New York City in the Spring, but this was such a great surprise!!

Down the magnificent hallway (or grand entrance) we enter another very large room, and there are HUGE tapestries hanging-- in the picture you can see 1 of them, it has to be at least 15 feet tall! Also the folding screen is solid needlepoint. Such detail in all these pieces, it is always such fun to see them on display, and the guard in the room had a twinkle in her eye, she saw my excitement for these pieces!

The last few pics that I have to share with you, almost didnt happen. The last building to visit, American Gallery, was on a last minute- 'we have some time left, lets just see' so entering this place, alot more modern paintings and sculptures, (I like the older stuff, like seeing a painting of the Madonna and Child from PERFECT condition) So, not really paying much attention, wandering, I turned into this room, and to my surprise, was this Sampler! Again, hard to show detail, but I would say it was about 16 x 20, the sign read it is Silk on Linen, from 1796 from Nancy Anne Moulton of Massachusetts. It is in terrific condition, and the colors were pretty vibrant, considering.

So, thus concludes this visit to the Huntington Library. Overall I would rate it an 11. I was very pleased to go and explore, such a beautiful variety of the grounds and exhibits. If any of you ever get a chance to go, it is WELL worth it!! Thanks to all of you reading these past few posts. I will post more on Beatrix soon. She is over half way done now!!!!

Huntington Library pt 3

Walking through the covered walkway of fragrant roses, you come to the peaceful Chinese Garden. Look at this place!! When you stood by the bell tower, there were chills that came over me. So GORGEOUS!! The Koi fish were HUGE!! I have never seen Koi so big! The bamboo was incredible, some so thick I couldnt wrap my hands around them!! There were a wide variety of Bonsai trees, rock garden, even a Chinese style home, set up as if someone was living there. The entire 207 acres is perfectly manicured. The grounds keepers do a FABULOUS job keeping this place pristine.

Huntington Library pt 2

Remember yesterday when I mentioned going to this Museum, was like leaving the country? Well after resting (see the top picture)... I would like to have this outdoor environment on my house, sitting there, was such a nice breeze, and I want to break out the stitching! Walking these grounds, there are different sections, you can walk from the 'Desert Garden' where there are more then 5000 species of plants from all over the world, most are so amazing to look at! So strange, yet so attractive. There is a Lily pad Garden, there is a Rain Forest Garden, an Australian Garden, Palm Garden (one of my favorites, so many palm trees!); it just goes on and on. These few pictures just show a hint of the place. And to boot--- by the time we were in the Desert Garden, it was at least 100 degrees, so we felt for sure like we were in the desert!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Huntington Library

We decided to do something totally different then the everyday normal activities. We went to the Huntington Library, in San Marino CA. Didnt know what to expect, but my friend Janet told me that there was an extensive collection of Illuminated Manuscripts on display. Well, we were in for a treat! 207 acres of well groomed gardens and buildings, right in the middle of the big city. You would think that you left the country from the gardens, and exhibits. What a treat. We took lots of pictures, I will share with you in the next few installments/posts (not sure how to upload more then 5 pics at a time!!)

First of all, we had the place to ourselves. Hardly anyone else was there, although with 207 acres, it is hard for crowds to form. In the first collection we were fortunate enough to see from the famed artist Thomas Gainsborough, "Pinkie" and "The Blue Boy". Simply amazing to see these portraits in real life. I am always amazed at how each and everyone of these portraits, their eyes always follow you.....creepy right?!

Onto the library next door, were there were several fabulous Illuminated Manuscripts. Absolutely gorgeous to see, the detail is out of this world, and to know that each and every page is just as gorgeous. In the last picture, this book is by Chaucer- "Canterbury Tales". Chaucer?!!! WOW. Also on display the Gutenburg Bible. They had close to 10 books from Shakespeare. Aristotle. Darwin. Imagine all these books, most written on Vellum. Ever so delicate. First editions! I am not much of a reader, but seeing these items was fascinating to me. I am thrilled I got to go and see these.

Stay tuned for the next few posts, I have much more to show you! Thanks again Janet for the suggestion.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Beatrix

Beatrix Potter is back under way. Small progress on the bottom left side, and hope to power her out. She is turning out more and more beautiful!

I am excited for all the new items that will be finding new homes in the next few weeks, after our LNS ladies/gentlemen get back from market! Besides the much anticipated Christmas of Hawk Run, new Plum Street, Primitive Needle, Sarah Woodham (oh there are too many!!).... I visited the Goode Huswife website last night and to my surprise, there was new pics!! I new about the new Book in her series, but the designs are great too! Nice to have her back in the swing of things.

I look forward to hearing from you, and seeing what we can do about enabling each other! I am sure there are things that I have missed!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Snowbird's Oktoberfest

It is hard to believe it has been over a week already, and no new post?!! What is going on here! LOL. Tiny break from stitching, havent done much since last week in that department. I miss it-- I must get back to Beatrix, she has been yelling all week.

This past weekend was Oktoberfest in Snowbird UT, and we had to stop by. What fun to see people all dressed up in costume. Lots of cold frosty beer, food and entertainment for everyone to be had. There was a vendor making Kettle Popcorn, and boy was it good. I am usually not a fan, but wow. Impressive. The scenery is gorgeous, and the weather was outstanding. It started to get a little chilly later on in the day, but it was worth being in the fresh air all day!

Hope all of you are having a great week, and I hope to post some new stitching pics soon!

Monday, September 14, 2009

More Bea

Another INCREDIBLE weekend. Thanks to all for such a fabulous one! Who knew having such wonderful friends would be all you need? Well, that, a few stash projects and a nice bottle of wine! :) But really, I cant imagine not having them. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

I have put my English Whitework Sampler on the side burner. I think I will try to work on it once a week for a little while..until it is complete. There are so many things to stitch, so many new things coming out to stitch. All the projects need some attention! I am back stitching Bea, and I am loving her more and more. The more Coffee Bean I stitch, the more incredible she looks! I love the Pink Quartz too. I am also amazed at the size of Bea, she is alot smaller then I thought! I only have one 1/2 motif on the bottom and I can see the height that she is going to be. I thought she was a lot larger. Strange. I guess I never really measure and I generally work with a stitchers half of linen, so I dont need to worry to much of it not fitting. There are only 40 motifs to stitch, and I have 13 done. Not to bad right?

Thanks to everyone who leaves such wonderful comments! I enjoy reading each and everyone. Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend too.

Until the next time!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

English Whitework Sampler

School has started again for almost everyone by now right? I was at Target on Monday, the day before the official first day back, and I was watching everyone get last minute supplies, looking for favorite colors, fancy pens and pencils, backpacks or totes. I remember thinking about my first days of school. First of all, I do not wish I was going back to school, just about the the first days :). I remember going with my mother to get my new supplies for the year, and just loving all the 'new-ness' of everything. I love office supplies, new pens, new pads of paper, loose-leaf paper, notebooks, staplers (I do have a red swingline..), paper clips. All the new ways to organize. I love to organize, create lists of things to do, or not to do. Wish lists, stash lists, grocery lists. Isnt it amazing to think something so silly, could make you so happy?!!! LOL.. I know, crazy right? I happen to know several gals who feel the same about office supplies, and all the new things that I wish I had when I was going back to school. Looking at all the gadgets, it seems like if we could have purple push pins, or different colored sharpie markers--in different sizes?! WOW!! But, it is fun to think back. The best part is now, I can purchase those great things now, and I dont have to worry about my homework!

Speaking of homework..... My Whitework Sampler from Needles Prayse has official been started. I have never done anything like this before, and when I opened the pattern, I thought I was crazy for sure. I had never seen anything like this before. What are all these stitches, and graphs and charts? Over 4? On everything? Calm down, breath... it is soooooo much easier then I expected. My good friend sat down with me, and very, very patiently showed me each and every step to this pattern. Even taught me how to do the stitches. (Thank you, Thank you!) My first go around with four-sided stitches went perfectly. I know how to start and end threads. I am very excited with this project, the first night I could hardly sleep. I wanted to work more on it!

It calls for 40ct, but, loving a challenge, (and believe me, this is a great challenge for me to stitch this piece, instead of a traditional cross stitch pattern) I chose to use 45ct Bisque from Lakeside Linen, with 80 and 100 Cordonett Special thread in White. I have it on scroll rods, and I think that there are 11 rows, each seperated with a 4 sided stitch. On 40ct the completed size is 8 3/4" wide; stitching on the 45ct it is 7" wide. It is so fabulous, and so tiny! I have about 2 inches stitched on the 1st official row. Lots of work to be done, but this will be one piece of work when it is done. So you think I can get it done in a year? I am hoping!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sampler Purse Stitched

I am so excited to share these pictures today. I think that this Sampler Purse is going to be soo cute!! I love it already, and it isnt even "finished"!! I switched out the colors for the birds on the bottom- which will be the front flap of the 'clutch' style purse. They were supposed to be blue, but since I am a huge fan of Blackbirds (who could have guessed?!) I decided they needed to be as well. I have to thank Nadia, Jenifer, Jeannine, Janet and Lynn for there help in choosing the 3rd color for my birds!! I purchased the interfacing, and hope to choose the fabric for the liner and sides this week. I am going to attempt the finishing on it, it shouldnt be to hard, just have to have patience.

How was everyone's Holiday weekend? Mine was very nice, visited with some friends and laughed alot. I love laughing-- it is nice to do, and lately I think I have been doing alot more of it!! YEAH!! Another great week lies ahead, and I am positive, more laughing! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Start of the Back

For those of you curious on this fabulous project, this is the 2nd part of Dames of the Needle "Sampler Purse". You must look it up, it is so different. A must have for Sampler Lovers! Using 32ct Vintage Woodsmoke Lakeside with Gloriana & SNC threads.

I have started the 2nd panel of the pattern, curious as to why it is upside down? Well, dont worry, it is on purpose. This will be the back of the purse, and when finished it will be right side up! If you look at the closeup of the last picture, you can see some of the fancy stitches-- Alternating Tent Stitch. It seemed like forever to fill in such a small environment, but I do like the texture it gives the piece. Amazing how fun it is to think I could be using this fabulous bag in no time at all!

I have worked on Bea a tiny bit, not really enough progress to show you, but in a few days. I am excited to work on the purse, perhaps I could have the stitching done with in a few days!!!!!! We shall see.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Inside panel of Sampler Purse

Happy Tuesday! Off to another exciting week! I had a nice relaxing weekend, which was much needed after last week. Organized some stash, watched the tube and stitched a bit on my "Sampler Purse" I have 1 more row on the bottom of the grass, and then this panel (1 of 3) is done. I am going to start another panel today for sure! I am really enjoying this one.

Happy belated Birthday to Kathy, and Happy Birthday to Paula, we will have to get all the gals together for sure!! It will be great fun to see all of you!!! Soon, I promise!!! Have a great time at Guild tonight, I will be thinking of you all!