Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flowers & Fireworks

Flying into San Diego this weekend was uneventful and on time, which was a very nice treat. As always, I get a shuttle service to drive me to the airport, and this time to my surprise, I was picked up in a black limo. Can you believe it? I felt like Pretty Woman!!!!! So off I went in style! My Husband picked me up and gave me these gorgeous Tiger Lilies, the smell is so unbelievable and still, today they smell fabulous and there is a bud opening up as I am writing this! After flying, I am always starving, so we had a nice romantic sushi dinner. I LOVE sushi!!!

Sunday morning we drove to L.A. and wandered a bit. At night, we caught the fireworks at Disneyland. I love the loud ones! We were able to get a few good pics, I love the combo of the fireworks and the palm trees!!!! Not much stitching this weekend, but I did have a great time.

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