Friday, April 24, 2009

Ida Mae

I have seen Ida being stitched on a few blogs, and decided I too, had to have her on my blog. Last night seemed like the perfect night to start stitching because of all the blackbirds in the yard. I am using 36ct Vintage Autumn Gold and NPI. She stitches up rather quickly, she should be done this weekend! Unfortunately, the color of the linen is shown best on the very top picture. Her little dress is soo Super Cute!!!


  1. I love your Quakers Rule! That is too cool. And you finished it yourself--YGG!

    Ida Mae looks adorable so far. I had resisted when I saw the chart but now I definitely think it's a must do. YGG--hope you can get it finished this weekend. :)

  2. Just happened upon your blog and I am so glad that I did. Some marvelous tastes in your stitching, and so prolific! I will return...and yes, Ida Mae is going to have to stitched by me very soon!


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