Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Finish & A Start

After finishing Miss Ida Mae, I had no clue what the next project was going to be. Monday morning I went to the craft room, and there are so many things in the stash, all kitted up waiting to be chosen to come out and play. So many options, so little time. The top picture is Sheepish Designs "Flaming Flower", now OOP. I switched the colors up a bit, still using Gentle Arts/Crescent Colors, but wanted my bird to be black (Black coffee) instead of "black crow" which is more navy blue. On a piece of leftover 40ct Lentil Lakeside Linens that I used from the Blackbird Loose Feathers Keepsake Box, it fit just perfectly! It is 4" x 5", nice, sweet, easy, & finished it last night.

It is still early Tuesday night, what should be next? The Goode Huswife "The Black Forest" also OOP... I don't know how deep this was in the pile, but I have only used Black linen once before, starting a Chatelaine piece (which needs to make an appearance....) and wanted to get in some more practice. I must say, with a proper light (I love my Ott light), I don't see any trouble with it. Using the NPI colors called for and 32ct Black linen, I am excited with the turnout. The picture on the pattern never does the piece justice, and I am all for changing things, but it seemed to work perfectly when I pulled the colors out. I will take more progress pics tonight!


  1. Both pieces look wonderful. I love both of them and don't think that I've seen them before! You got the first piece done so quickly!

  2. Love the little blackbird....boy you are a speedy stitcher. Love your finish, don't believe I have seen it before. And I ADORE your new start, can't wait to see more of that! WOW!!

  3. Hey, I'd steal your blackbird avatar if I could, Shannon!! I adore it, as much as I love your choice of projects. Ida Mae is fabulous, I have plans of ordering her with the supplies ever since I saw her!
    I'll be back :)

  4. Thank you so much for the really lovely comment on my blog. I am so glad that you took the time to leave me a msg. because I have had the best time reading every one of your posts, and admiring your beautiful stitching. I can tell already that you and I have much in common. I look forward to visiting you again and I'll be adding you to my links, if you don't mind.
    Like the others, I totally love the avatar, too.

  5. WOW! I love your SD finish, it's so cute! I don't think I've ever seen that design before. Very nice progress on the GH, too. I have that in my stash and want to get to it but I get too caught up in starting the newly purchased things. I agree, I think that the chart picture doesn't do the design--or most of GH Anne's designs--justice as to how pretty the design is 'in real life'.

  6. I just discovered your blog. I enjoyed looking at your WIP's. I adore Sheepish Designs, I hated to hear they quit designing. And your Black Forest, I am loving the colors.


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