Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A HUGE Challenge

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the Bard Graduate Center in NYC and saw embroidery work from 1580-1700's. Let me tell you, I had chills!! This work is INCREDIBLE!!! Words cannot describe!! The detail, the metal thread, the stitches were immaculate! Solid pieces in the size frame of 3 x 8 Feet-- SOLID stitches!!! 3-D people, animals and homes! A queens jacket (On loan from the Victoria & Albert museum), that took 2 years to embroider, and looks to me like it would fit a 10 year old!! These people stitched by CANDLE light!!!!! Stump-work like we have never seen!! There is an amazing book out with all of these pieces included and then some. I am thrilled to own the book, but even more excited to have seen these pieces in a beautiful town home on the Upper West Side.

So, you wonder about the HUGE Challenge? I feel like I am still in Kindergarten, when comparing my work to these special people!! Believe me, there are not to many people in todays time, that can stitch these pieces right? But, I thought I could step it up a notch, and begin this challenge called "PEACE" by A Stitchers Hand. I look forward to working on this piece, although I will be working on other projects in between this ENORMOUS piece. Of course, the colors have been changed and the linen too, but that is what keeps this hobby exciting right! I prefer the rich tones of the garnet/cranberry color to the bright reds. The black has been replaced with a rich brown. The sky blues have been darkened and the greens too. I have started this piece, and what is shown so far in this picture, is the very center top flower, and already I have used about 9 colors. I am very happy with the color choice in the silks. The linen choice is 40ct Sienna Night from Lakeside. I look forward to working on this, enjoying every stitch!

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