Thursday, July 26, 2012

Margaret Brown

I had a thought yesterday would be the perfect day to post a finish-- and all good intentions were set.  7 am soon turned into 4pm and I soon realized that there was not going to be an update.  As fast as the day went, many many things were indeed accomplished, which will help the next day off that I have.  I was looking at the calender and I dont really see another day that I will be able to be home for weeks it seems!!!!  So squeezing in a post here or there is just going to have to be a bigger priority :)

So my finish happened mostly over this past weekend.  All of which I was out of town having a blast with some friends and stitching.  Here is where I started the weekend off with Margaret Brown from Miladys Needle:
Progress was made nicely throughout having fun and we even made Margaret do a photoshoot with the Cuban.  (No, I dont smoke and it yes, it is real:))
LOL, we had a great time obviously.  Progress was even made there!!!
Realizing when I had finished the stems, that I was actually missing one color!!!  The horrors.  I thought for sure that it was sitting on the side of my chair but come to see that the color was not anywhere to be found!!!  Fortunately the LNS had one in stock :)  Phew!!

I finished up Margaret on Monday night and even started her sister Sarah Brown a few inches over on my 45ct vintage pear linen.  Even over one was done smoothly-- not so bad!!!
So both Margaret and Sarah will be the same size when finished.  I think she is stinkin cute the small size that is-- 6" x 6" with a silk conversion.  Stay tuned for posts on Sarah progress-- I will try to be better LOL!!!!!!!!!


  1. love the pattern and colors. I don't think I could see using the 40 and 45 count. The highest count I have worked on was 28.

  2. Lovely finish. Cant wait to see Sarah finished as well :)

  3. Congrats on the finish! Looking forward to seeing her and Sarah together :)


  4. Beautiful!! I love Margaret! Looking forward to seeing Sarah too!

  5. Margaret is simply beautiful!! I love the changes in color that you made!!


  6. Margaret is such a beautiful sampler and I am looking forward to seeing her Sister. It is funny I actually know a Margaret Brown lol.

  7. What a beautiful finish! I'll enjoy watching her sister come to life as well!

  8. Grats on the finish, Denise. It's lovely. I love the colors in that. The flowers are beautiful. And wow, it sure didn't take long once you got to working on it!! Hope Sarah is just as easy!!

  9. Beautiful finish!! I love the colors in this one.
    Does it smell like that Cuban? lol

    1. The aroma of the cigar was incredible-- but no, Margaret doesnt smell at all :)

  10. The Margaret Sampler is so beautiful.

    Greetings Manuela

  11. Very pretty! Looking forward to seeing the next one!


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