Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I know, I know

It has been over a month now since I have posted about stitching and I feel it is high time to get going!!  The month of June was a super, super busy with 3 weeks solid for me working, then 1 week helping out a Friend with another project-- there wasnt really much time for stitching!  Lots and lots of fun was had though!!!!!!  Among tons of fun, I was able to go to the West Chester County Sampler Exhibit-- which was incredible.  I had heard about it, wanted to go but didn't know if the schedule would allow.  There were so many gorgeous samplers and about a dozen globes.  Those I think were my favorite.  Well, that and the mourning samplers :)  Each and every sampler had such incredible detail.  It was truly worth the out of the way effort to see all of these girls on display.

I have been back at stitching the last week or so. Getting re-settled into my normal routine helps alot.  No real tremendous progress, but some is better than none!!!
 I did take a small break from DB to start Margaret Brown. PS-- I am stitching Margaret on Lakeside Vintage Pear-- which as you can see by the picture, doesn't look like it at all :( It is one of Milady's Needles reproductions, and Margaret also has a sister Sarah.  I was supposed to have this done already (stitching it with my friend, she is done though!!  YGG), but we already know how that goes.  I have been pleased with the turn out, but realized when rounding the final side that I was 1 thread off, so instead of having 2 threads to go over to finish my final border stitch, I had 3.............  I HATE THAT.  I looked for a bit to see where I had made this error, couldn't find it and threw put her on the chair beside me.

Picked up DB and continued on the flower stem.
 Each and every time I look at this piece, I get more excited to have it complete.  I have already chosen the when I wrap this baby up (when?????)

Back to Margaret, I found the mistake and ripped out the top border along with half of the right side to fix the error, I thought was too bad to leave.  I can now continue to stitch on her.  I think I am going to stitch Sarah Brown for my Olympic project.  We shall see when we come to that bridge however!!!
  I had some framing done and I am looking forward to seeing the final result today, and I will post some pics of those soon!!

Hope everyone is staying cool, enjoying there summer and stitching the days away :)


  1. Sehr schön wird die Stickerei.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  2. Oh nice! Margaret Brown is a fun stitch. Sorry you had to figure out a mistake and fix it, but you should be fine now, right? Love DB too!

  3. Glad that DB is going well. It is such a beautiful sampler. Margaret Brown is also a lovely one. Glad that you found where it went off. It is so easy to do sometimes.

  4. Margaret and DB are both looking lovely! L.

  5. They both are so beautiful!!

  6. It stinks that you had to rip out so much of the border. It is behind you now, full steam ahead.
    Great progress on DB. I am enjoying your progress and seeing all the different motifs in this sampler.

  7. You were in my neck of the woods!! You know, I still have to get over to see that exhibit before it's too late.
    Oh how I hate having to rip things out. Hope it all goes smoothly for you now. Both pieces are beautiful!

  8. Lovely stitches! Don't you just hate when a mistake is one that you just can't leave!?!

  9. Lucky you to be able to see so many smaplers at the Sampler Exhibit. And lucky you to have finally found the mistake in Margaret and to stitch on on her. Your WIPs are so beautiful.


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