Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am truly Thankful

For so many things this year.  I am thankful for my husband, my family, friends, our health, shelter, food, employement,  etc., etc., etc.  Waking up everyday and being able to do the things I love-- each and everyday.  (Some of course are easier than others LOL) I am thankful that God has provided me with so many wonderful things-- (not all physical things either) and we are truly blessed. 
Today, we are spending Thanksgiving with my cousin and his family.... 2 precious healthy little girls.  It will be nice to relax, play with them and visit with family today.  I am looking forward to some pumpkin pie and a nice glass of wine (of course!)
I am thankful for the opportunities that we have to be creative, in many many ways, and to be able to share these ideas and projects with all of you.  I have met alot of people again this year that share my love for cross stitch and I am thrilled to have some of them now as my friend.  Each and every day is another opportunity and we cant waste them. 
I am excited to show you progress pics of double dee, they are progress pics from last week and earlier this week.  I have not taken the pics from last nights progress, but I am getting closer for sure.  My husband and I watched 2 movies last night, 1 being Smokey & The Bandit--- I had never seen these before and of course have heard of them.  They are pretty funny.  I had a good couple of chuckles with Jackie Gleason's character of Sheriff Buford.

Isnt she coming along beautifully????  I am so excited with the bottow right hand corner, I have loved this since I saw my friends piece this summer.  It was worth the wait.  I have the center satin stitch almost done, so I will post another pic of that in a day or so.  I am not sure how much stitching will be taking place today, but I am hoping at least SOME!!!  I hope everyone has a wonderful day today.  Eat lots of turkey, drink wine and have a great time with your friends and family!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


  1. Your double dee is a real beauty. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. How beautiful it is! I just love seeing your progress! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. What a beautiful piece of work! Absolutely stunning. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. This is such a lovely sampler isn't it. It is in my stash to do. Love Spanish samplers. Great progress with yours. Happy Thanksgiving.


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