Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sorry, It has been too long

I am here!! I am positive that there are more then a few of you wondering where I have been. I think I am wondering the same thing. The last week or so has been pretty busy, alot going on, alot of busy work. I have talked to a few of you in the last few days, and all is well. The only thing I think I might need checked is the lack of momentum that I have for stitching. I have NO DESIRE. HOW CAN THAT BE????!!!! I have not picked up stitching in forever it seems. I have to almost convince myself that I have to put in some stitches sometime. What is wrong? I guess the slump hits everyone, but I didn't think I would be included. I have visited with alot of family and they all asked, what am I working on? Well, I have dug out the 'Homecoming'Sampler from Eileen Bennet. I pick it up, look at it, and think, well, maybe later. My friend emailed me, and asked where I have been, and what is wrong?! I should have another sampler half done by now!!!!!! LOL, she is terrific for asking, and I know she cares, which means the world to me...(so my friend, as you read this, know you are loved too!) I know that alot of you gals and guys go into slumps too--perhaps it is because there is so much Holiday preparation...So much eating, so much decorating, so many people on the list! But......

Anyone watch the Thanksgiving Parade from NYC? I saw some of it, looks like they had a great day. I always think about how cold those cute little dancers are in front of Macys Herald Square, gosh, they need a coat, they are gonna get sick! Better them than me!! Thanksgiving was great this year, although I cant think of one that hasn't been good. How many of you had more then your weeks worth of food to eat on Thursday? I know I did, and I am still full. It is Saturday night. Wow, Pumpkin pie is my favorite, especially with whip cream, or cool whip. Either one, I love it. I was excited, I got a text from my good friend on Thanksgiving, wishing me a good one. How nice to take the time all the way across the country!

Not to make anyone sick, but my Christmas shopping is almost done, it has been for some time now. I have just 3 people to finish...I am very proud. This is the first time. My husband and I went to the Crack of Dawn Black Friday sale at Box-mart yesterday, and actually got EVERYTHING that was on the wish list. I know, getting up and out, and in line by 3AM doesn't excite MOST of you, but, I was looking to save a BUCK. Well, several bucks! Amazing how many people are up at that hour. I enjoy shopping late at night, less kids and noise. You have a list and you can complete it quickly. This early morning shopping experience was not anything like that. It was CRAZY!!!!!!! But the good thing was, at 5:15AM we were back in the bed. Chrismas came early :)

I am excited to hear Christmas music, I love Christmas music, not only traditional hymns, but classic Frank, classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. How many of you like the claymation (is that how you spell it?) Those cartoons- Abominable Snowman and the Island for misfit toys? How about some classic Christmas movies?! I cant tell you how much I LOVE National Lampoons Christmas Vacation--- I can watch that movie, in the dead of summer and it is STILL SO FUNNY!!!!! I love it even more around the Holidays. I remember when my Grandparents were over for Christmas one year, (one of the best Christmas' ever!) We watched it, and just seeing them chuckle over the crazy comments Clark would make, brings joy to me. I will treasure those memories forever. I have to think about some others that I like to watch, I know there are tons, I am just having a moment :). Must be the wine :)

Decorating is always fun, it is amazing how many Christmas decorations go up around Thanksgiving. I mean at home. The mall, forget it, they barely have Halloween down and the Christmas crap is up already LOL!! I know, it isn't crap, but it seems like, can we celebrate Thanksgiving first?! I am looking forward to Christmas this year, well, every year, but this year will be special with family. Lots of family parties, treats, and memories. I just read that Deb went to NYC (funny seeing the Naked Cowboy in his Banana Hammock walking around Times Square! Thanks for sharing!), I am looking forward to seeing the Christmas Tree this year at Rockefeller, and also the Famous windows on 5th Avenue at Saks and Lord & Taylor. Smelling the roasted Chestnuts from the street vendors, and the hustle and bustle of excitement. I just love the City at Christmas. I will post pics when I go, to share with all of you. If you haven't been, someday hopefully you can go. I would like to ice-skate at Rockefeller Center, but the line is always SOO long!! It is always so cold, but bundled up, you almost forget the cold. I wonder if we will see the Rockettes at Radio City?

Enough from me tonight, I think I am going to watch Christmas Vacation! And maybe stitch something...... I hope all of you had a Blessed Thanksgiving, and enjoyed all of your families. I look forward to a great Holiday Season!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Maria P. Oliver is done!

What an unforgettable weekend I had! So many friends and a TON of great laughs, the kind of laughs that your stomach hurts and your face feels like it has taken on new shape :). Thank you to all-- you know who you are :)!!! It has been a non-stop weekend with the worlds best friends, and there was no time to stop and post a completed picture of Maria P. Oliver. Thank you to all of you, I can not wait to do this again.

After all is said and done, I am catching my breath, and reading up on the missed posts on my favorite blogs. I am excited to share with you Maria, who was finished late late on Friday night, or was it really early Saturday morning? Who knows, it is a miracle I could even see to stitch and it actually turned out correct! I just took this picture, and surprise surprise, the linen almost looks right. I cant believe it. No good close up, but she is done, and looks terrific. The colors are perfect for her. Mockingbird R & R Linen with Belle Soie Silks. Maria P. Oliver is a Carriage House Samplings piece (the pattern picture does not do this sampler justice).

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just next week, and the year is almost over. Where oh where does the time go? As long as it is shared with loved ones, we can not complain where the time goes, but think back to the wonderful memories that were created. I know that it is Tuesday already, (hard to believe I think I missed Monday) but I know that a lot of you had great weekends and looking forward to a lot more! Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halfway on Maria P. Oliver

Another motif done on Maria, which brings me to halfway. I wanted to have a little more done for this weekend, but I don't think that is going to happen. Running errands always takes longer then it should, and they generally aren't that much fun. But, I managed to stitch last night, and finished the 2nd and 3rd 'Godfather' movies. Each one of those is almost 3 hours each, I had no idea! They are worth every hour.

I think that linen has a mind of its own when it comes to taking pictures of it. Like it morphs into something it isn't. The threads you can generally get a great idea, but gosh, this linen looks like something else :). It is not as grey as it looks. I tried my ott-light on with it, instead of just the overhead...oh well, at least we all have the same trouble, and if you recognize the color of linen, chances are you know the shade!

Off to finish errands and laundry! Thanks for all the comments-- I just LOVE reading them!

Monday, November 9, 2009

I wasn't going to...But I had to

Remember on Saturday's post, I said that I was going to relax, move stash around and let my fingers heal? Well, as you can see from the above picture, that was short lived! I did not however start this until yesterday. I spent some time with family, went to church, went for brunch, and watched the little one gain speed from walking. This is all new to her, she is just 11 months old. Funny just 3 short days ago she wouldn't walk on her own, now she is almost running from that little monkey crawl! She is so cute, so petite, so precious I can hardly stand it. Bright-- and I mean bright crystal clear light blue eyes.

Late in the day, I came home and looked at all the stash I had sprawled out all over the place. And, when I say all over the place-- it is!! I have alot of them already kitted up, as many who know me, I have to--just because. So, it is fun to look over choices that I made a while back, and which silks I chose to use. When I saw Maria P. Oliver from Carriage House Samplings, I knew, she was for me, now. Look at these colors!! As charted for NPI, I converted them to Belle Soie, I am THRILLED with the outcome so far. I am starting to think I need more Belle Soie in my projects! The linen is 40ct Mockingbird from R & R. I watched the 'Godfather' last night while working on Maria, I just love those movies. I know it isn't up everyones alley, but for me it is in the top 10. I couldn't but her down, watching the subtle variation in the blooming flowers.

This week is going to be a busy one. Alot of movin and shakin. Things to do, places to go, people to see! I am so excited for this week, I am going to be visiting with some friends I haven't seen in what seems like FOREVER....I am positive, it is going to be another unforgettable weekend :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Already?!

It is amazing to me how fast the weeks have been going, especially in the fall, when Holidays are fast approaching. I have seen some counters for the days left until Christmas. Really?! I remember in school, wondering how many days we had left before summer, and then summer was over in 5 minutes. Then we were back in school already. My mother always said, time only goes faster when we get older. She was right. Yes mom-- you were right-- again!! :)

I finished up Know Ye last night. What a fun little stitch. The pictures are crazy, showing 2 colors of the linen. I think that the top one looks closer to the Vintage Pear I chose. I might need to take photography lessons. I am looking to just play with stash this weekend, take it easy and let my poor fingers heal from all the stabs I give myself over and over again- in the same spot :(. Make piles and lists, and move stuff around. I am looking forward to this for sure.

Its a beautiful day, I think a walk in an order to. Hope everyone has a very relaxing weekend. Until next week!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Whats Next? Know Ye

I had so much fun last night looking at stash again, it was exciting to think, I was going to start something new! Yes, I am caving from my plan of completing another WIP.

All this A & E craze is getting to me, although very tempted to start Paradise Lost--it is kitted with all the goodies it needs....I thought I would do a smaller one for a change. I started La D Da's Know Ye last night after supper, and I am loving it. I am using the NPI that it calls for, but I had it kitted already with 40ct Vintage Pear Lakeside. It calls for R & R Sheeps Straw, which is also a great color, but I liked the pear better.

The best part about this one, I should be finished ASAP, so I get to rummage through stash again sooner then later!!!!!

EDITED TO ADD:  A few of you have commented on where to purchase this chart.  One of my favorite shops is Acorns and Threads in Portland Oregon.  Please see the link on the side of this blog.  They will be more then happy to order it for you!  It is a great pattern and a MUST have!!!!!!  

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lights Out Mary Wigham

It is 2:15AM as I am writing this on Wednesday morning, and I have been up since 5AM Tuesday morning. Why? I have had a lot on my mind the last few days, getting excited for the weeks ahead, and the time change hasnt helped either. I finished stitching her about 15 minutes ago, dug out the iron and board, and thrilled to present Mary Wigham as a complete sampler. What do you think?!! Yeah!! I had my 2nd wind about 12 hours ago, and I think I am on my 24th :). Mary was stitched using NPI on 40ct Pearled Barley Lakeside Linens.

This is the 4th Quaker that I have finished this year, my mistake in the previous post as I mentioned only 3 (Forgiveness, Mouline Rouge, Beatrix Potter and now Mary). I am happy to have her off the WIP, and can not wait to get onto something else. Not that I dont love Quaker samplers, I just need more variety!

I have a few in mind, and I have to order some silk this week, because I am missing a few from my newly organized stash. Silk and a few other items perhaps......

I have put Mary to bed, and I am soon to follow! Thanks for your comments, it is definately a highlight!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Its all about the Suspence

A new month already. Can you believe it? I just don't know where it goes. This past week this computer of mine gave me such Ajida, that I almost threw it the hell out! The internet for some reason was so cotton pickin slow, that nothing could be done. I wanted to post progress pics of Miss Mary, but we all know that didn't happen. So I thought I would at least give you all a little tease... Not fair? Stay tuned!