Sunday, October 25, 2009

WIP & More Floss Organizing



More Floss Organizing

I have to first say a BIG, HUGE Thanks to all who left comments on my Mermaid finish! I am thrilled I got 20 comments!!!! 20!!! It is the most I have received so far with my blog and I cant be happier. How exciting it is to be inspired and enabled by others. Whoo Hoo!

In fact, so inspired by reading several other blogs about WIP's. There is such a variety of WIP's out there, that I really was curious on how many I had going. I was all ready to start the next project, and thought, let me take a fast look and see what is really going on in this stash closet. Well, including some serious BAP's, I have a total of 8 WIP's. Which is not bad, but I like finishing things too!!! Checking all the ones in question out, which one would I really like to get done and put to bed. Well, you guessed it. Mary. Not that this would have really been my first choice, I would much rather have started another new project! Right? With all these great new designs out there from so many fabulous designers, who wouldnt want to start something new--raise your hand.

I dont see to many hands raised! LOL. I have posted a picture of where I left Mary, and up to the squirrel, was done before-- it seems like forever since I have worked on her. The top 3 sections are complete, and I am trying to complete a section before going onto another, but I am not sure that will continue. Working the right side, I think I might just keep going to the bottom right and work left. Who knows. All I know is that she needs to get done. This will be my 3rd Quaker complete this year, and I am ready for something new.

Another reason I am very excited, is that my floss ring of WDW from the Mermaid, is no longer sitting on the couch, it is put away in its place in my floss organizer. YEAH!!!! This is fabulous!! No more random floss bags floating around. They all just clipped right back into place. (For more information on this TERRIFIC SYSTEM, please check my blog archives on the right hand column) I also finished organizing my Needlepoint Silk. All numerical and ready for use. Both Cotton and Silk done. Check!

Off to another great week of stitching! Hope all of you had a great weekend. I know I sure did!


  1. Good for you for getting back to a WIP instead of giving in to temptation & starting something new. Three Quakers this year--wow! I did a few and then lost steam on them, but not before leaving Sarah Moon just started and a bunch of Quakers all ready to go. :P Hopefully I'll get back to them, because they are so pretty. Your Mary is BEAUTIFUL, and you're making great progress!

  2. Mary looks great! I like all the different colors you used for it! If you only have 8 WIPs going, you're doing excellent. I don't even want to tell exactly how many I have going!

    And I love that floss organizing system. I'm STILL not done yet, but it's a great system and I'm glad you posted it a while ago!!

  3. Great Progress on Mary and your organization of threads also! I too would like to finish something before starting a new project but the temptation is awful hard to resist!!

  4. I love the colors on your Mary! Beautiful! With the floss organizing system, how do you do the NPI? NPI before it's opened up that is. :D I need to do some major floss organizing.

  5. Oh Mary is so pretty - I have her kitted, but never started. I have so many WIP, I cringe at the thought of actually counting them.

    I love your floss organization - Deb has that as well and it seems like a great system. I need to figure out something to do with my new silk collection as it is growing and growing.

    What a great inspiration you are!

  6. OK you have tempted me yet again, on that neat floss organizing system! After this post, I am going to go and hunt that info down again!!

    Wow, you are going great guns with Mary...and I think your choice was a good one, getting her out and getting her done. I was just wondering where she was hiding in your house, just the other day! lol

    Great progress, Shannon!

  7. Only 8? LOL - I think most people at the Stitch N' Beach weekends had more than that, and that's just what they brought for the weekend. LOL! I won't mention her name, but someone had 28 projects with her (or was it 32?). Wasn't me, either.

  8. Looking at your embroideries I begin to interest me in the schemes quaker, they are splendid!

    Happy halloween

  9. How do you handle the duplicates with this system? Thanks so much....I love your stitching!....Stephanie


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