Thursday, October 1, 2009

What a difference a week can make

Last week

This Week

Whats left yet

When posting last week Wednesday the 23rd of Sept, I was determined to get Beatrix done before the end of the month. Here is is Oct. 1. The week has been fun and busy, but I did not make my goal :(. Almost though. I was very excited to share my progress with all of you, so here she is! The top pic is last weeks, then the 2nd is whats new this week, and the 3rd is the space where a few motifs yet to be stitched. I have to finish the swan, then 1 other full one, the 1 tiny one, and 3 half motifs to finish the border. Today is the day!


  1. Wow, your needles have been flying! You really completed a huge chunk of the pattern - you'll be finished in no time.

    Beatrix is just lovely!

    Enjoy your stitching time.

  2. Oh my goodness!! Even though you didn't quite make your goal, you are so close. You're going to be done in no time and it looks fantastic!

  3. You are so close -- it counts to me! Fantastic -- it's so pretty!

  4. How can you even hold onto your needle??? It must be smoking hot! :)

  5. You are really making progress! Keep it up! you are almost done!

  6. Good Golly Miss Molly! You got tons done g/f!! No need to feel bad that you didn't meet your goal. It looks beautiful! Will you frame it after you are done?


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