Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hornbook Angel

Hornbook Angel by Primitive Needle
July 7- July 11, 2009

Another busy week has gone by, and a bit of stitching to go along with it! Looking for another easy project, I found this Hornbook Angel. 2 different Crescent Colors, and a great piece of 'Stash' Linen; 36ct, stitched over 2 with 2 threads. I really like the fullness of the thread; I am doing that as well with my Village. I had this stitched almost in a day, but went through an entire skein of thread, had to wait a few days to get another skein, and vola-- I am now done!! It was fun to stitch!

I have Block 10 of my Village half done, and hope to complete it today, and get started on 11. I am so close, it is really getting exciting!

We are off to another fabulous summer-- tons of friends, family, stitching and laughter!!! I cant wait. Yesterday a wonderful potluck, with a variety of excellent salads and desserts. Gosh, what a fabulous lunch!! I hope we can do it again soon!!

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments yet again, it is always a pleasure to read them! Hope you are all enjoying your summer!


  1. I just bought this Hornbook Angel and now I want to start it right away,lol Thanks for the inspiration. I can't wait to see your Village. I just finished block 3 this morning.

  2. I love this piece! Your version is gorgeous! Glad you're having a fun summer. :D

  3. Hornbook Angel is wonderful! Your version is lovely! I always love seeing your Village progress!

  4. Well, I want to stitching the hornbook angel too! Dang I always get enabled by your blog! I'm anxiously awaiting your next finish on Village. I think of all three that CHS has done, that has to be my favorite because the colors are wonderful. Sounds like you're having a wonderful summer! Busy with friends and family and stitching too! What could be better.

  5. I just adore your new finish, Shannon!! Great job, and looking forward to seeing more of Shores soon!! You are such an enabler, just like Debbie says! Love it that you are enjoying such great time with family and friends this summer!

  6. This is so beautiful! Love it!


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