Sunday, July 19, 2009

Block 11

One of the best days so far this summer was yesterday. An entire day of stitching, from 10 am- 12 midnight. Yes you read correctly, midnight. Stitching outside on a beautiful warm summer day (no sweater this time), with some of the Best friends a gal could ask for. So much laughing, and carrying on. The day wouldnt be complete without a little enabling from Kim, Jenifer and Ink Circles. Many of us are adding a few nice things to our stash, that is for sure. 45ct anyone? Sign me up! Me too!! Me too!! So much fun!! We are kids in a candy shop. We took a nice lunch break and stitched more. Then just before supper, a whole bunch of us took a 'drinking' break, and polished off a few refreshing pitchers of Ruby beer. YUM!! Thanks Sherry for ordering it! It certainly is always delicious. Can't wait for another round-- Tasha, Kim, Peggy, Sherry, Barb, Jenifer- again next week?! Jeannine you will have to come with us too :)

Barb and Lynn had their 'PEACE' projects with them, and they are really cruising, having completed almost the top 2 left pages, I am very inspired to work on mine, and I could be picking it up in the very near future. Absolutely exquisite. It is hard to describe the beauty, and fine detail in this piece, it is like fine lace.

As you can see from my posted pics, Block 11 is complete!!!! I finished it earlier today, and didnt have time to post because we went to a fabulous BBQ, and hung out with more relatives I havent seen in such a long time-- since last summer!! Lots more gatherings this summer- dinner, dancing and lots more visiting look like the menu. Another boat ride will also be an order! I just love it, the weather was fabulous and the ribs my Husband cooked up were terrific!! Did I mention corn on the cob!!??!!! Anyway, Block11.... (so easily distracted!) I was able to stitch a ton yesturday on block 11, and around 11 pm, ran out of #293 NPI for the bottom left bush, so a bit disappointed that I might not finish it, both Jeannine and Barb offered to look in their stash, to see what they had. This morning, and after a much needed night of sleep, I got up and found what I needed- the right dyelot, and finished this puppy up. YEAH! I am back from the BBQ and well into Block 12. I am sooo excited to stitch this block, I am glad I waited till the end to start it, instead of jumping the gun. I will post pics this week--- Hopefully I will be done with Village!!!!


  1. That is just beautiful. The colors are so bright. Your stitches look so precise. Wonderful job. Marjo

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with friends! Yay on block 11! And yes, where I am the weather this summer has been pretty unbelievable recently! Enjoy all the get-togethers ahead! Can't wait to see your VoHRH finish!

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Stitching till midnight though would be a bit much for these old eyes! Block 11 is beautiful! Can't wait for number 12!

  4. The colors in this are absolutely stunning. I know now that this is going to be my next BAP after I finish Shores. Your stitching is wonderful. And aren't you excited - just one more to go!!!

  5. Looking really really great! Can't wait to see the finished product!

    That day you had sounds like a stitchy dream come true! Did you find you were pinching yourself? LOL!

    Looking forward to the next post! Have a great week!

  6. Woohoo! Your block looks fabulous! Your day sounds like a dream. Good for you. There's nothing better than stitching except for stitching with friends. :)

  7. Wow, so much eating, drinking, and stitching! What more could you ask for?

  8. Your stitching is amazing, Shannon! So sorry for having not kept up with your blog, but at least now I am not getting that error message, woohoo!!

    I love this block, heck I love all of the blocks on Villages, it is by far my favorite of the series, to date!

    Sounds like a most fantabulous day, with stitching friends!! So glad you had such a great time!


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