Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Where has it gone?

This summer has flown by faster then I could have imagined, but when you are having tons of fun, how can you really complain?
I have 2 pics to share with you, both are of finished items completed at the end of last month.
Birds of a Feather OOP Spring; 1 of 4 in a seasonal series.  I stitched her on Vintage Maritime White 45ct with a silk conversion, she is approximately 14 x 18 in size which is a great deal smaller then the charted version of 20 x 24!  Yikes!! 
Next up is the Lattice Quilt, hard to get the whole picture in with the borders etc., but you can see the colors on the top, another job done :)  I love the way it turned out and to think that I had 756 pieces to sew all back together!  Funny concept of cutting perfectly good fabric into a bunch of small shapes and re-sewing them all back together.  Crazy huh?!!!
Summer is a great time to catch up on so many things, it is always hard to find time to blog about our experiences, but as long as we are having fun, that is all that matters!!

Until next time :)


  1. Love both your finishes! Beautiful!! I always love when a piece is smaller cause of using a higher count fabric. lol!


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