Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring is here!

Spring has been around for many folks all around the country almost since last spring, but for those who experienced an abundance of below normal temperatures, snow, cold, ice, etc., etc., spring has finally arrived.   Thank goodness our snow shovels and snow blowers are on timeout-- hopefully for many many months to come.   It was announced yesterday that the Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C. reached there full bloom; the latest date in history.  WOW!  If you have ever seen these trees you know that they are just gorgeous!!  All those beautiful pink and white petals falling all over the place, like a flowergirl walking down the aisle at a wedding :)  Or like a blizzard of pink and white flakes!!  It is very exciting to see this beautiful world we live in, full of color and wonderful springtime smells. 
I ran out of time this week to post earlier, but I thought it would be fun to show my next section finished off on SDW.
I love the subtle colors for the alphabet and this is pretty much the palette for the rest of the sampler.  The alphabet stitched up rather quickly which surprised me, I am not really a fan of stitching letters (on any sampler).  They next row group of small motifs are super cute, but I am looking forward to stitching the peacock.... maybe this weekend I will get to him :))))

Until next time, enjoy this weather!!!!!


  1. Looks so wonderful!!! Have you seen the post about the SDW church on the Scarlet Letter blog (I think end of March?) so amazing to see the connection of the real church and the history about it. Glad to see you are enjoying SDW.

  2. Your sampler is looking great. I can certify that the cherry blossoms are indeed in full bloom. When I sit at my desk I look straight at Thomas Jefferson in the Jefferson Memorial. The blossoms have been lovely all week. This afternoon there was a slight wind and I noticed a few petals blowing like snow. This weekend should still be good blossom viewing.

  3. Yea for spring! SDW is looking great, the colors in this section are really pretty.

  4. Spring is the best! makes us all feel good after a long winter! SDW is so gorgeous and I too love the subtle colours of the alphabet!


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