Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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for the year.  Can you believe it?   I think we all say the same thing, each and every year.  Well, too bad it hasn't slowed down for any of us!
I havent stitched much the later part of the year, I just havent felt like it.  In the last couple of weeks, I did manage to take time and I made 2 quilts.   I am excited about them and looking forward to making more.  In fact, I just pulled out 3 I have 'kitted' up.  Do you say that for quilting-- kitted?  Either way, I am looking forward to those.
First up, I know that alot of you have had posted a year in review and I think that is so wonderful to go back and look at the amazing progress that was accomplished this year.  I have completed several beautiful samplers-- coming to mind of course is Dutch Beauty and Elizabeth Mears.
Those among other fillers are 2 favorites I think I have done in all time, but then I look back at last year, and see a few others.
As promised in the last post, I took pics of the last 2 pieces I picked up from the framer.  Above is Plum Street Samplers- Love Thy Neighbor, stitched on 40ct with called for cotton, framed in a burl frame-I actually picked this frame out, before I stitched this piece.  I think it is similar to the one on the cover of the pattern-- but not the same.  Burl wood has such a great texture and depth to it, it is its own work of art next to the sampler! 
Below, is La D Da- Peace House.  I LOVE this frame on this sampler.  It is 2 3/4" wide on this super cute I think 5 x 7-- 40ct piece.  Where oh where to hang them?!!!!

This coming year, I am not sure what will be accomplished on the stitching front, I have a start picked out for tomorrow, but I don't know if I will start it tomorrow, or in the next little bit.   I am still plugging away on Jane Tindall, and finally starting the animals on the bottom.  It seems like I have been stitching on her for years.  But slow and steady right?  Maybe she will be my first finish?  I have to pull out my stash and play with it for a bit, perhaps I will get the bug back.
Until then, my desire for beautiful fabrics for gorgeous quilts continues :)  There are sooo many options and I want to quilt them all!!  LOL.
In the beginning of November you might remember I had made a quilt with my mom.  We both used the same fabric grouping and each made something different.  I had mine quilted over Thanksgiving and I finished the binding last week.  It is amazing the difference of when you finish it.  It is the equal to framing your sampler right?
 I decided that a navy stitching on the back would be nice and the top is a neutral.
Above, is the 1st of 2 quilts I have made in the last couple of weeks.  This one is made of flannel, a request by my husband, for my husband.  It feels so nice, I cant wait to get it back from the quilter and snuggle under it!  I bought this kit over the summer and needed some cold days to work on it, well, cold is here!!!  LOL.
The 2nd quilt I bought also as a kit from a shop that was having an end of year inventory sale and I was thrilled to be able to participate.  I bought this of course among other things-- kitted up a few other quilts.  I am trying to be brave and piece the fabrics together.  I have no issue changing the colors on my cross stitch, so quilting shouldnt be that hard right?  It really has to do with how much fabric, like I mentioned before in a previous post.
A Christmas quilt, using 3 sisters Wintergreen fabric.  I am crazy about the black in this quilt too :)  It was a nice easy one to sew while watching some great Christmas movies!!!  In a few weeks I will have them back from the quilter and hopefully will have more to bring.  I am going to help my niece make a quilt for her room this week, we went to the quilt shop, she chose the colors she likes and we are going to make the same pattern as the above flannel one.  Nice and easy for both of us, and also so we get it done before she goes back to school next week.  I will take pics and share those with you next year :)

Until next time, enjoy the rest of 2013, and Happy New Year to all of you!!!!!!


  1. Love all your stitchy and quilty finishes! So beautiful! Happy New Year!

  2. So fun seeing all of your goodies! Have a wonderful New Years!

  3. You've had lots of wonderful finishes - have a great 2014.

  4. Lots of fabulous finishes! Happy New Year!

  5. All your stitching is looking wonderful! I especially like the Bow-tie quilt. Looks like you're going to have a great new year of quilting!

  6. Happy New Year - so fun to see your finishes for 2013 - love the Peace House finish!

  7. I'm so happy to have found your great blog! You have some wonderful projects in the works. Looking forward to seeing more.

  8. I love your blog! So inspiring.


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