Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Where oh where?

No where really.  Its been so long since my last post, I almost forgot my login information!  I suppose the only reason is just plain being busy.  Or perhaps my lack of stitching motivation?  I want to stitch, but no time.  I havent really done much the last 6 weeks, other then work, visiting with friends and family, and then more work.    Not much to share in the way of pics, but I did stitch up the 2 very expensive BBD market kits- Oct 31st and the other one, the stocking, cant remember the name this second.   Cute, but really not worth it. 

I dont seem to have a picture of the Oct 31st handy, but you know what it looks like.  I dont know how soon I will be "finish" them......
I did complete some time ago Plum Street Samplers "Love Thy Neighbor" but I didnt take a finished pic of it, or if I did, I cant find it!!  So here is one almost to the end.....
I love the colors in this one, and it was a fast one to stitch up.  I know, I am supposed to be working on WIPs, but I have really given up on that idea.  Who cares?  That is my current thought.  It is what it is!  Ha!  The comfort is, I am not the only one :)
I did go to one place I had on my bucket list sometime ago, and while on the latest trip to LA, I managed to find an hour to go to French General.
This is their retail location where a lot of great fun things take place.  Classes to make the most beautiful jewelry, where items are resold from trips to France antique markets-- ie all antique linens, buttons, papers, pictures, lace, nightgowns, books, etc., etc., etc.  I really needed a few hours, but from what I saw, I will definitely find time to go back!
Of course, they had there most beautiful antique quilts on display, and also their cotton fabrics, inspired from said quilts.  Here is one pic for you to drool over
I did come home with a few things, and of course some fabric!!!!  How could I not take any home?????  I highly recommend this great stop, the gals are always super friendly (I have ordered from them online) and very helpful.  For all things French General, this is it!!!
I want to make like at least a dozen quilts now!!!  LOL. 
I did make something fun with my Mom a bit ago, we both started with this box of strips from Moda- Adoring by Sandy Gervais. (pics borrowed from Moda-thanks)

What we both decided to do is remove the turquoise strips, and Mom chose to remove the navy also, I kept mine in.  The strips were 4 1/2" wide by 42" or so long.  Not really knowing the size of our projects would be, we just started with a small table top item, or display piece and went at it.  We chose 2 different patterns and I can't be more thrilled with the outcome.  Of course, I want to now sew hers!  (Thank goodness there is another package!  LOL).  Starting around 10am, we spent the day cutting, organizing, sewing,  laughing, pressing, cutting, pressing and sewing, and this is what we ended with at 6pm.  Just in time for supper.
What do you think?!  She ended up with a fabulous table runner on the right, (it is longer in the picture, but who really wants to see my crazy pants and socks on the left??!!) and I a wall hanging or small lap quilt.  She finished the top to the back, the edges bond etc., etc.  Me, I chose to wait on the finish and I ended up ordering some more of the navy for the back and some extra for the binding and will have that taken care of in the next few weeks.  I just am thrilled with the difference of the 2 pieces, using the exact same fabric box.   I am really scratching the surface of quilting, so I really don't know how much fabric is needed to give you the something in a different shape.  Like these strips, sewing them together, and in different shapes, is really something else!!!  I am always amazed.  Like how you can get a quilt top out of 1 jelly roll.  REALLY??!!!!  I tend to want mine bigger, so 2 always is best for me :)  AND, Thats why I always get yardage!!  LOL..  If it calls for 1, I better get 3.  If it calls for 2, I better get 5.  I don't want to run out, and I think that this comes from stitching, and when the pattern calls for 1 skein, and I run out, I am not only annoyed I have run out, but livid that the next skein doesn't match.....  Especially when you have WIPs or don't start it for a year.  It is always better to get extra, and if you like it, definitely get extra! 

So, there is a short and sweet update on what has been going on, I have more to share with you, via framing that I have had done this summer, along with a few other hot spots I have been to.  But for now, its back to work!!
Have a great day, and thanks for your patience on my posts :)


  1. Well worth the wait. Love seeing your projects! Love all the stitching. So cool on the quilts and the quilt fabrics you and your mom used. And French General -- lucky you! I'd love to go there!

  2. I have to agree with you about the cost of some of these little kits - just not worth it. Very cute finish, though! I'd love to go to the FG store - even though I don't quilt! Your quilt top looks great!

  3. Very cute finishes! That store looks amazing!

  4. Wow, these quilted projects are just great. I love the patterns both of you used. I love working with strips myself and have just started cutting a jelly roll for a quilt.
    Your visit at the French General store sounds fantastic. Their fabrics are so beautiful.
    Very lovely stitching finish.

  5. So cool that you got to go to French General. I love the projects that you and your Mom did.
    Lovely stitching too.

  6. I like the Love Thy Neighbor piece. Makes me think about how people really don't get to know their neighbors like when I was young or when we had young children.

  7. It's really wonderful to see how popular are french products overseas! I'm very proud you're interesting by our small country.Love


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