Friday, April 20, 2012

A new page

I can believe that in the last 2 weeks not much stitching has gone on (super busy with work, visiting with friends and family)----but enough so that a post is necessary!!  I hit a low over a week ago, I guess I got the stitching slump bug like so many of you fellow bloggers, that I just was not interested.  How can this happen?  We have so many fabulous projects that we should never hit that slump---EVER :)  But, we have.....
I have recovered--thank goodness, from my slump quicker than expected and I have been moving --slow and steady, on DB.
So dainty!  I decided to make these men in 2 different colored outfits- just because I can :) 

Arent they cute?  I have 3 men on this project completed so far.  Well, 2 men and 1 elf, or 2 men and the travelocity gnome.  LOL.

  So I leave you on this great Friday with the latest and greatest of my DB.  Continuing on page 3 tonight, movin and crusin!!!

Have a great weekend :)  Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

1.5 Down--19.5 to Go :)

All ready another week under our belts--although I feel like today is Saturday!  This whole week has been a bit odd, where I thought Monday was Sunday, and yesterday Friday.  I wonder why that happens.
Since my post on Monday about DB, I thought I would give you an update, it is fun to see some progress, although not that much, but enough in my opinion from the last few days.  I was only able to stitch about 1.5 hours 2 nights this week, where the other 2 nights, I had more 2-3.
Progress is progress.
This is where I left off from Mondays post:

 This is this week:

Page 1 is complete, and I am on to the arch of the 2nd page.  The far left of the tree is on page 2, which is exciting-- 1 1/2 pages done, 19 1/5 to go!!!!!!  LOL.  I was hoping to have page 2 almost done, but again, you know how things jump into your time and run away with it.  I heard through the grapevine, that a friend of mine who is well over the halfway mark, has dug her DB out, and working on it again!!!! YGG!!!!!  You can do it!!!!  I would love to see your finish this summer :)  And........I have no doubt you will get 'er done!!!!!!  LOL.
Hope everyone has great weekend, perhaps getting together with family.  It is a great weekend for sure :)

Happy Easter!!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Remember this one?!

Thursday night of last week I continued working on the Amy class piece, however my fabric is unraveling, and I need to surge it.  It calls for 2 inch borders, and not having a surged piece, my border is now 1 1/2".  Afraid I will run into the project in a matter of minutes, I have put it aside for this week.  I cant sit and do nothing, so I brought out the BAP I mentioned I was going to work on next.
Remember this?!!
Back in the crazy challenge of 2011, I began this 'beauty' and havent looked at it since. (Well, I have looked at it all right!!!) I have been seeing pics of completed Dutch Beauty Samplers more often I think than not, so I wanted to get going too!!!!!
So Friday night marks the 2nd official 'start' on DB.  I have worked on it for the last 3 nights and I am soooooo excited with the progress so far.

My progress each night so far has been pretty good.  I decided I am going to take a picture each night I work on it so I can see it progress-- kind of like one of those flip books with the dog running across the field!!!  I can hardly put it down.  This last pic is 3/4 of the first page on the top right.   21 pages to go, some easier than others.  I am fired up.  I have thought about it non-stop all weekend.....too bad that crazy job gets #1 priority!!!!!!!!
Tonight is a new night, and I am sure by the end of the week I will be well on to the 2nd maybe 3rd page.  As large as it is, it goes fairly quickly.  Strange right?  The bird at the bottom is the most solid of the pages, however I wont be there anytime soon LOL.
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, I am looking forward to many posts on progress!!!!

Have a great day :)