Monday, April 2, 2012

Remember this one?!

Thursday night of last week I continued working on the Amy class piece, however my fabric is unraveling, and I need to surge it.  It calls for 2 inch borders, and not having a surged piece, my border is now 1 1/2".  Afraid I will run into the project in a matter of minutes, I have put it aside for this week.  I cant sit and do nothing, so I brought out the BAP I mentioned I was going to work on next.
Remember this?!!
Back in the crazy challenge of 2011, I began this 'beauty' and havent looked at it since. (Well, I have looked at it all right!!!) I have been seeing pics of completed Dutch Beauty Samplers more often I think than not, so I wanted to get going too!!!!!
So Friday night marks the 2nd official 'start' on DB.  I have worked on it for the last 3 nights and I am soooooo excited with the progress so far.

My progress each night so far has been pretty good.  I decided I am going to take a picture each night I work on it so I can see it progress-- kind of like one of those flip books with the dog running across the field!!!  I can hardly put it down.  This last pic is 3/4 of the first page on the top right.   21 pages to go, some easier than others.  I am fired up.  I have thought about it non-stop all weekend.....too bad that crazy job gets #1 priority!!!!!!!!
Tonight is a new night, and I am sure by the end of the week I will be well on to the 2nd maybe 3rd page.  As large as it is, it goes fairly quickly.  Strange right?  The bird at the bottom is the most solid of the pages, however I wont be there anytime soon LOL.
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, I am looking forward to many posts on progress!!!!

Have a great day :)


  1. I love Dutch Beauty! Mine is all framed, but I haven't hung it because it's so heavy. lol! One of these days. Yours is coming along so well!

  2. Dutch Beauty is a beautiful sampler and it will be fun to watch your progress on this. It's in my stash, but a little daunting. She's one big sampler!

  3. I'm going to enjoy watching your progress on DB. I started mine a few years ago and haven't gotten back to it since.

  4. This is a beautiful BAP! Your progress looks great so far, can't wait to see more.

  5. Looking good! :-) L.

  6. WOW! You've made great progress on DB these last few days! Looking forward to following your's beautiful!

  7. Oh I love Dutch Beauty. Mine is hanging in my hallway. It is done completely over one on 32ct. I found when I was doing it that I was doing a page a week.

  8. I am sooooo excited that you are working on Dutch Beauty. She is going to be my next BAP after I finish ATS. I am looking forward to her. Can't wait to see more of yours.

  9. Your Dutch Beauty is going to be beautiful!

    Greetings from a dutch girl, Debby


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