Saturday, February 18, 2012

Its Saturday!

Another weekend has approached us-- at the speed of light!  It has been a super busy week and I am glad to have the day off.  My husband and I are going antiquing today, and later having supper with family we haven't seen in a few months-- along with a new little one :)  It should be a wonderful day-- the sun is shining, the temperature is mild and and I am happy.
Happy for many reasons and besides the above, I am continuing on the T5 road and I see the end is near.
Along with all of your encouragement on how great it is looking, I am so excited to see the end close by-- although even a hint of disappointment.....could that be possible?!  I do know that I have T3 in my stash, and I know that The Drawn Thread has a bunch of other beautiful designs, but this one has a special place in my heart :)
Coming around the corner on the bottom left, instead of going straight across on the row-- left to right, I wanted to see the size, get some better perspective on this piece.  I am working with 11 x 17" Q-snaps, so even my husband was surprised to see last week when my friend had hers framed that indeed this design was square; not rectangular as the q-snaps make it appear............
The bottom left corner is done, and I am anxious to stitch tonight......last night I had my 3rd wind at 11:30pm.  My husband went to bed, and I stayed up to watch some Everyone Loves Raymond episodes-- which I am crazy about-- and got in some more stitching.  I like stitching late into the night, it is so peaceful.
This last picture shows the color of the linen almost perfectly, interesting right?!  I cant wait to show you more next time :)

Have a fantastic weekend!!!!!!!


  1. Your T5 is beautiful. I started one of the T's years ago and never finished it. I must go back to it. I really like most of what DT designs.

    And I, too, am one of those who loves Raymond. Better than much of what is available today.

    Keep on, and you will have a major finish before you know it!


  2. Oh it is so beautiful, cannot wait until it's finished now.
    Wishing you a lovely day:)

  3. I love late night stitching when everyone else is asleep. Then again I love early morning stitching when everyone else is still in bed too!

    T5 is beautiful! I think I have one and two in the stash but not stitched yet.

  4. This stitch is so beautiful and different, love it. I enjoy watching the Everybody Loves Raymond re-runs too, seems I can always find them on and they are easy to stitch and laugh too :) Have a fun weekend antique-ing and visiting family.

  5. T 5 is beautiful! Looking forward to your finish! Enjoy your weekend, sounds like lots of fun is planned!

  6. I love it! You're just zipping through this one! Hope the antiquing was fun.

  7. I love that color of linen and you're right - it doesn't look square. I stay up late and watch Raymond, Frazier, King of Queens, Golden Girls. I think Frazier and Raymond are my favorites, even though I've seen them all! Can't wait to see this framed.

  8. It's looking really lovely. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  9. I always find I achieve more stitching in the evenings.

    I would like to stitch your sampler myself but am having a silly moment as I cannot find the design chart.

    Could you give me the chart name.

    1. No worries!! It is from the Drawn Thread-- Toccata 5. (T5 for short!! LOL)

  10. Love the colors...don't know how you stitch so beautifully that late at night:)

  11. I love your sampler! And your stitching is so perfect!

  12. This is a beautiful piece and you have made great progess. I too like to stitch at nite but the older I get the earlier my eyes start shutting and begging to sleep.
    Happy Stitching

  13. What a beautiful piece and what a great progress.

  14. I tend to be an early morning stitcher but every once in while I stay up late too :-). Love your darning sampler. The toccata pieces are so wonderful, I've finished two and have the third started somewhere.

  15. Gorgeous progress. I always like to turn that third corner - then you really start the see the size/shape of the piece. She is looking beautiful, and I think that she has truly been a great project for you to try out some new things.


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