Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A New Week

It has been a very long time since I updated this stitching blog with some stitching.  I have no real good excuses, so I wont bother any of you with them!  In the last few weeks, I have mulled over this project and that....but no real good progress to really share.  My friend asked me yesterday if I had anything to share, and I said sure, I will see what I can do :)
So up first is my progress on Live in Harmony from Homespun Elegance.  Of course, I did some crazy color conversion, that in person, is not really me at all, that is what you get-- haste makes waste.  I had started it in the January crazy start challenge, and the colors were pastel, and I didnt really think I liked it.  So the other day, I sat with my NPI and changed them up a bit, made the colors still brighter then usual, but now they are almost too bright.  AARRGG.  My husband thinks the colors are great, I think they are OK.  But, they will do, I am not ripping them out now.  The pattern is cute, next time I will take more time :)  And of course, I made my birds dark charcoal.........

Double Dee is coming along nicely, I am enjoying stitching these small animals each night, while we are watching classic Paul Newman movies.  It is horrible the color these pics are--- the lighting isnt working with me today.  The v. meadow rue--- is so gorgeous and the silk is unbelievable, here looks like grey, blah.

The movies we have been enjoying are Cat on a hot tin roof (love Elizabeth too-- she is just fabulous-- and those clothes!!!!  I want a creme dress!!!!!), The Hustler, The color of money, The Road to Perdition just to name a few.  I wonder what will be on tonights big screen!!

Last week I was able to see some of the massive flooding that was going on in the NE from all the storms and it was unbelievable.  One town the river crested at 14 feet, the record was 9ft.  The entire town was flooded and the ruble was everywhere.
I heard that another town supplied dumpsters for their residents, to help clear out the basements instead of waiting for the local trash day.  Sidewalks were lined up with wet, moldy crap as far as the eye could see.
Others got their own dumpsters to remove the ruble out of their own basements. 

Pics I took of a river cresting, simply amazing, the day before it was clearing the bridge about 1 foot below.  The next day, looked like this
It is classic, the KNC building says FOR RENT on the front building.  We joked, said the next sign should say-- 'Will build DOCK to suit'  NICE :)  Isnt it something?!  This river is usually VERY low, so low, it is more like a stream, you can see the bottom most of the time and the rocks are like stepping stones.  I have never seen this river so fast moving.  This flooding has backed up the area for days, the rain has been unbelievable, but this week has receded.   Traffic was incredible.  These pics were not from IRENE, but from a later storm.  IRENE, the street we were driving on to take these above pics, was flooded also from the river, and the detours were far worse.
Glad to see things are calming down, and business is back to usual.  The bridge is no longer over-flowing, but it is still high.  Everything is drying out.  Too bad we couldnt have moved the storm to Texas-- they could have made great use of all this water........

This is a new week, and it has been nice and clear.  Back to work, back to stitching.  Hopefully!!!  LOL.


  1. Your stitching projects are wonderful. I love them both! The colors in the first are pastel, but they're pretty too.

    I'm so grateful that the flooding we got from Irene/Lee wasn't as bad as for folks west and northwest of us. I feel so badly for them. It was bad enough here. I can't imagine what they are going through.

  2. Oh my gosh, the flooding pics!! How awful. :(

    Your stitching projects are gorgeous. Love the colors!

  3. love the stitching and thats defo a wee bit of water that has bee put down there .. pity they can't ship it out to where it is needed isn't it ... we have had the tail end of the storm over here .. very high winds and some damage but not as much rain as you .... love mouse xxxxx

  4. Your stitching looks great. I love the little house on the second piece. And glad the flooding has gone down some. I know it makes a mess.

  5. The stitching is gorgeous - the flooding is terrifying.

  6. Your stitching is fabulous. I think the color conversion you did on Live in Harmony is really pretty. Hopefully it will grow on you. Love how DD is coming along too! That checkered deer is awesome! So sad to see all the flooding and damage, particularly in an area that's had more rain than they know what to do with. Wish they could send some our way!

  7. Double D is looking great! Keep on stitching on Live in Harmony, you've got so much done and others love your conversion. At least you like it, and don't hate it. Thank you again for the conversion to Elizabeth Mears, my silks arrived and I started her over Labor Day weekend.

  8. I love the DOuble Dee. Who is the designer?

  9. Double Dee is from Scarlet Letter, you can purchase the pattern at The Attic :)


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