Sunday, September 19, 2010

So many options

How has the week been going for everyone?  School has officially been in for a few weeks now, things are starting to pick up and time continues to fly by right?!  Amazing that Fall is almost here and the weather is still beautiful.  Well, at least where I am, it has been getting cooler in some spots, I have seen leaves starting to change color already (and I think it is way to early for that, but sometimes I loose perspective!)   I enjoy the Fall season, alot of wonderful things have happened in the Fall time, and I am sure will continue to do so :)

On Thursday night of this week, I went into the basement and wandered through my stash.  Looking for yet another new thing to start, and perhaps finish and so on and so forth.  I found a few things and I am so excited to share.  First of all though, I havent been stash diving in what seems like forever, and it was SOOOO MUCH FUN.  I just love doing that once in a while, not feeling quite so guilty this time for 'wasting' stitching time.

I pulled out several things, and added them into the pile of 'WIP' I plan on stitching the next few weeks.  Sometimes I get easily bored with projects that I have started already, and I really like them, just for some reason they are a cramp in my stitching style......

First up (the top picture), I finished a small on Wednesday that had been started oh so briefly this summer.  I added a little bling to it.  Not positive the pattern, but I know it is my first use of the Weeks Dye Works Linen 40ct Straw.  Now, nothing negative to report on this first attempt and finish,  I must say I am still a Lakeside Linen lover.   But, why did I stitch on WDW linen?  I am always about color.  I have my limits, but choosing the perfect color for any of my projects is one of the most important things.  I used Acorn Woods Silk n Colors thread, 1 over 2.  Mill hill beads, etc. etc.

Next up pics are the color ring of Sanctuary by Drawn Thread.  I chose 40ct Lakeside Linen Vintage Pear for this piece with a variety of Silk threads,  and yes, they were adjusted accordingly.  I have put the top row in, a few more stitches until I turn the corner, but I was eager to stitch other stitches besides the traditional 'x'.  I havent really done much with stitches outside the box, yet, I have a few in the works, I thought this was a great choice and I was inspired with the color of linen from my friend's completed piece.  She did an abolutely gorgeous job :)

Saturday morning I started working on Birds of a Feather Christmas Memories ornaments and got 3 out of the 4 done.   Super cute and super easy.  I chose Lakeside 32ct Vintage Autumn Gold with the called for Weeks and Gentle Arts threads.  I added a Crescent Color, but thought the Christmas Tree needed a brown stump, not a red one :).  I have to finish the 4th one and get some stars for the corners of them.  Sew them into ornaments and put them in a box for future use on my tree.

2nd to last, my updated Rosina Payne pics, I have not worked on her to much this week, too busy with real work, but I was anxious to show you how she was coming along.  I couldnt find a quarter, so I used a dime instead to show perspective in her size.  She is still so fine and dainty isnt she?  I can hardly get enough time on her.  I did start the letters above and will give you updates next week.

Last but not least, I have kitted up (several weeks ago) a sampler I have wanted to start for so long, and now have the opportunity to do so.  2 actually, but the picture above shows the color palette for 1.  It is from Mary Beale- Her Sampler.  Andrea from Deep Fried Cupcake is actually stitching and almost done with this gorgeous sampler.  What are the odds of seeing this beautiful sampler at the same time I was interested in it??!!!!  WOW!!!  What an inspiration, she is doing the most incredible job on her sampler.  Looking forward like most of you, to see her finish.  Stay tuned for the start of this beauty, she is going to be worth it for sure!!!!!!!

Enjoy your week~!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A small finish

A few of us commented over the summer on just how many peacocks there were in samplers.  Seems like the last few that I have been working on, has at least one.  This one caught my eye, because he was shown from the front.  So many are from the side, and don't show the beauty that peacocks really have.

The color chosen for the house is Crescent Colors Deep Fennel, the roof  is Gentle Arts Woodtrail, and the windows etc is Crescent Colors Stepping Stones.  I chose a limited edition Gentle Arts color for the border and some small motifs that I think blends the whole piece together just perfectly.

I think this gem took about 2 or so days to stitch and it was great fun!   The house and Peacock were my favorites, but of course, the blue is just fabulous, and the shading is so delicate.  It is nice to add a few smalls under my belt, with all the BAP's going on at the same time.  So the next question you ask is the linen right?  Of course it is Lakeside Linen, Navy Bean 40ct.  Something about this color I cant get enough, it is one of my favorites and I just love the soft color it gives to my pieces.  I know there are several who feel the same way :)

This pattern is called 'With my Needle' from Primitve Betties.  It is so hard to keep up with all these new designers, and this one caught my eye over the summer.  I bought others and I am working on 'Live Laugh Love' now in between Rosina.   It is always nice to trade off to a small every now and then.  Back to the grind Ladies and Gentleman.  There is stitching to be done!!!!!!!

PS, A few weeks back a fellow stitcher asked about my Beatrix Potter, and how many skeins I used to complete her... SORRY for the late response, but I am not sure how many skeins it will took to stitch her, I used a Hank-i-licious of Gloriana Coffee Bean.  I used more then half of it.  I stitched her on 40ct linen, using 1 strand over 2.  Hope this helps!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Have you ever been to Powells Books?

This place is the mecca for books-- both new and used.  You name it, you can find it at Powells.  This is one of, if not the largest new and used book store in America.  (If it isn't, let me know!)  I cant tell you how many books this place has, but it used to be a car dealer ship way back in the day, and now is a multi-level, multi room book store, an entire block, packed to the gills with glorious books.

Any topic you can think of, from the most obvious-- to the ones you think you are making up, they have a section on.  At least an entire bookshelf of the most obscure books.  They have one of the largest craft sections I have ever seen.  For example, the craft section consists of 4 aisles of books-- both sides, top to bottom.  In the picture above, is 1 side of an aisle of craft books.

They have the largest Fashion section, you want books on log cabins, they have it-- how to build, how to buy, how to remodel.  They have an entire room on children's books.  Everything from birth to young adult.  Literature, western, horror, fantasy, mystery, new and old.  Books on how to make books.  Art, religion, travel, gardening, cooking and more.  There is a Rare room, where I had books in my hand at $1000 each plus.  Impressive right? 

Wandering around the endless corridors of massive stacked books and shelves 15ft high, pulling one out, adding it to your pile, smelling the books, there is just something about this place that can mesmerize you.  You can get lost in there for days.  They have windows, but you are so enthralled in the books, that you definitely look track of time.  It is the secret, heart pounding excitement that runs through your entire body when you find the one you have been searching for, for so long, that keeps you coming back for more. 

It is a special place that is on the must do list, whenever you are in Portland.  There is a great pizza shop across the street, have a slice and a beer.  Fill your stomach and dive into the store for hours and hours of entertainment.  See you there!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where has it gone?

I am sure I am not the only one wondering that one simple question right?  Can you believe it is Labor day weekend already??!!!!  WOW!!  This summer has to have been the fastest one yet.  I was just thinking about all the summer activities that I was going to be involved in, and here I am thinking about how fun they all were!!!  Yes, the summer has been fabulous, of course!!!!  Isnt summer always just a ton of fun?  No matter where you live, and no matter what you are doing, it is summer time.  I remember back when I was in school, how the summer was something we couldnt wait for, and finally after those end of the year exams, it was going to be play time!  Now, that I am older, summer is still something I look forward to, playtime.  Friends, family, BBQ's, trips to places unexplored and of course, stitching!!!

It has been some time since I have posted on my poor blog, and I admit, I am even tired of looking at it :).  So, without wasting anymore time, this is what I have new to show you.

First up......

My Rosina, my summer love.  The flowers are complete and I am ready to move on to other sections.  I am thrilled the way she is turning out.  Patience with her, I am enjoying each and every stitch she has.  For the first time in a long time, I feel a sense of calmness when I am stitching her.  How can I?  you may ask, stitching her----remember on 45ct Lakeside Linen Porcelain.  I can feel this way because the colors are so rich, and the fabric so luscious.  Sometimes when I stitch, there seems to be such a sense of urgency, got to get this done.  Why would I feel like that??  :)

Each part of her is a new beginning.  A new challenge and new array of colors.  I know she will be making beautiful progress in the weeks to come, which I will enjoy sharing with all of you.

After finishing the violets on Rosina, I set her aside to start the Goode Huswife The Sparrows Song.  Fortunate to be able to stitch this pattern it brings special thoughts to me.  I have adjusted the verse around the edge, to follow the wonderful Hymn- The Eye is on the Sparrow.  Many of you are familiar with the hymn, and it is one that I will never forget growing up with.   This piece, stitched on 36ct linen, with NPI silks, was an easy little stitch, humming along the hymn.  I have heard my Aunt sing this special song on an occasion that I will never forget, and it was nice to have such thoughts in my mind while stitching this.  I know everytime I look at it, special thoughts will come to mind.  Thank you to my friend, you have no idea what a treat it is.

Let me tell you something, and no offense to those who stitch on 36ct linen (I stitch on 36ct linen!!!!), but after stitching on 45ct for the last bit, this is burlap!!!!  LOL.  I am just kidding. (Inside joke!!!)  I must tell you, that I just bought some 28ct linen in the last few weeks, the color was outstanding and I couldnt pass it up.  So hows that for burlap?!

I have another project started, and almost complete, but I will wait a day or so to give you any hints or pics.  I am excited to show it to you all very soon.

Hope all of you are enjoying your Holiday weekend, and stitching like crazy!!!!!