Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammys Anyone?



Anyone watch the Grammy Awards last night?  We did...we watched 2 different ways.  Back in the City of Angels, we decided to hit the carpet running!   Here are just a few pics from our afternoon out.  We did alot of sightseeing yesterday.   The red carpet for the Grammys was a sight to see- if anyone has been to a red carpet event, this one is definately different then the typical Movie premiere.  This is a covered event, unlike the Oscars, and it was very hard to see anyone.  We got a few shots in, and it was so fun watching limo after limo after limo pull into the street-- and wait to see who would be rushed out.  Since we were there really early, we didnt get to see Beyonce & Jay Z or Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift, but we did see Shir Shomron (the gal in the orange flowing dress).  Inside the tent were glorious chandeliers and lights everywhere.  The last pic shows Chandeliers for the after party-- They are just spectacular-- sparkling in the sun. 

After playing Paparazzi for a while, we went and grabbed a bite to eat on Sunset Blvd., and ended up rubbing elbows with Adrian Grenier from Entourage (HBO), he plays Vincent Chase.  He was very close, and had his buddies with him. No pics of him though, we put our cameras to bed and just took it all in.  I didnt want to be Stalk-erazzi :)  What a great time.  I love Los Angeles, love to get dressed up-- for no reason what so ever.  We are meeting up with friends and relatives in the next bit, I know it will be great fun.  As always!!!!

I do have PL updates, but I will wait until tomorrow to post, I have to get the iron out and make it look presentable.  We shall see it soon enough!  Hope everyone enjoyed there weekend!!  Thanks for the comments on my stash, I have an idea on which to do next, but that could change-- in an LA minute!!!


  1. What a great opportunity and a fun day out to play "Paparazzi"!!!! That's incredible!! Wished I could have been there....

  2. How cool to see all of that! Makes you seem like you're part of the whole day!

  3. How fun! I watched it from my comfy couch. While we lived in L.A my family back home would ask. "So do you ever see any famous people" When they are not made up and dressed up it was hard for me to reconize anyone. We lived 1 block from Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and I worked at a plastic surgeon office but I never paid attention Lol....

    Enjoy your stay :)

  4. What fun! I've often thought about going to see everyone arrive to one of these events. And I agree, while I love to have my camera out - sometimes it's better to just put it away and enjoy yourself!

  5. Wow, very neat! I'll have to show your post to my kids--they are big into celebrity stuff. ;) I'm looking forward to seeing your Paradise Lost update!


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