Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So many options

It has been a little over a week since I finished SDW and what a big decision it is to decide on what to stitch next!  So I pulled out a bunch and really stitched on 2 this week.  First up is Birds of  Feather Le Printemps (OOP), one of four in a series of seasons. 
She is so bright and colorful-- so far out of the box which is fun to do once in a while :)  I am stitching her on 45ct Vintage Maritime white (one of my very favorites) along with a silk conversion a few years back.  I have 1 more flower to go on the top left page, then 3 pages to go.  Then the thought is, do I continue on with this series?  I have L'Hiver (winter) started........
But easily sidetracked, I also have picked Peace by A Stitchers Hands back up.  When this pattern was first released in 2008, 3 of us kitted it up immediately.  Well, needless to say, all 3 of us still have it has the largest WIP in our baskets.  Well, its high time to invest some stitching time in it.  
Stitching it on 40ct Lakeside Sienna Night, 1 over 2 threads, with a overdyed silk conversion.  Yes, you are reading correct, it is a BAP.  I love the colors I chose for it.  The best part is, each of the original 3 that kitted it up, we each chose 40ct linen, but each a different color.  I LOVE this idea and each one is just so gorgeous.  I hope to keep my momentum going on this one, I would love to actually see it finished :)  Someone mentioned there has been some stitchers on Facebook that have been working on it; I am not on Facebook so I havent seen their progress.  But its kind of fun there are others stitching on it also!!
I would love to see that list of WIPs get smaller, but it is so hard as you all know.  It is terrible.  You finish one and want to start 5!!  LOL.  Time to get stitching on one of these great projects, so until next time!  Thank for stopping by and have a super week!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Oh Happy Day!

There are many reasons why today is a great day!!  First it is my brothers birthday-- so Happy Birthday to you!!  The sun is shining, the weather is nice and warm.  Fun with friends and family.  Lots of activity!!  I cant believe it is June 2nd already, where the time is going I dont know.  So many things have happened since the last time I have blogged (almost 2 months ago?????), its unreal.  My nephew turns 1 this month.  ONE??!!!!!!!  Holy smokes!  He was just born!!!  Time is out of control these days.  I wish we could slow it down quite a bit, but I know that is like hitting the mega millions or power ball.  Not going to happen.

The last time I posted was about my SDW German Band sampler, and I must tell you, I have been trying my best to finish it.  I really wanted to have it done by the 1st of this month, but I was a bit short.  It has been so busy, I havent really had too much time to think, I have forgotten things I normally dont forget :(  But, I did make huge progress on the sampler, in fact, last night I put the deadline into effect.  Yesterday was the day I was going to finish it.  Oh sure.  With 5 1/2 bands to go on the lower left side, I was trying my best to be positive.   I ran over on time yesterday-- (what else is new) and didnt start stitching until 8pm.  Oh man, I dont know what I am going to do.  I was determined though.  Yesterday morning I chose the remaining colors for these bands, wrote them down and was ready to get right into it last night.  With several old episodes of Fringe and Law and Order SVU, I was down to the last row at 3am this morning.  I wasnt really tired, but knew the busy day I was going to have today, I figured I better hit it.  So back up at 8:30, and after a cup of tea, I had the final row complete and SDW German Band Sampler was complete at 10am.

YEAH!!!!!!!!!  I did it!!!!!  So without any further rambling, here she is :)))
(no the last rows do not curve up, just a slip of the linen)
To achieve this look on my SDW, I chose to stitch on Lakeside Linen Vintage Fawn 45ct along with my conversion of NPI and AVS.  It measures 8" wide x 31 1/2" long.  When I first saw this sampler I was drawn to the variety of motifs, and the colors.  After pulling the called for colors, I knew there was going to be another massive undertaking to recreate this sampler.  But, the long and the short of it, it is completed and I am over the moon to have it done.  It was a long time in coming, but worth it for sure.
What is next?  I have a few ideas in mind, but you know what this means, a bit of digging in the basement to do a bit of stash diving :)))))))
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all are having a great start to your week!!!!